Approved Service Plans From Harwoods Land Rover in Kent, Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire

Land Rover has created the Approved Service Plan to cover the servicing requirements of your vehicle. The Approved Service Plan lasts 5 years or 50,000* miles and is available for 90 days from the date your new vehicle is registered.

What are the Benefits?

The Approved Service Plan is designed to help you manage the cost of ownership, with an inflation-proof, one-off payment.

Expert servicing: Land Rover Genuine Parts, in combination with regular vehicle maintenance covered as part of the Approved Service Plan, will help protect your vehicle, providing enhanced safety and performance.

Land Rover Genuine Parts: The trained advisor and technicians at our Harwoods Approved Service Centres have unrivalled knowledge, experience and skills in all aspects of Land Rover servicing and maintenance. All Harwoods Approved Service Centres use state-of-the-art equipment.

Choose your most convenient location: You have the added convenience of being able to take your vehicle for servicing at any Harwoods Land Rover Approved Service Centre.

Safeguards vehicle warranty: All work covered by the Approved Service Plan will be carried out by Land Rover Trained Technicians using Land Rover Genuine Parts that come with a 24 month guarantee ensuring your vehicle’s warranty remains valid.***

Helps to enhance resale value: Should you sell your Land Rover before the expiry of the Approved Service Plan, the remaining benefits are fully transferable to any subsequent owner. This can help enhance the resale value of your vehicle and also provide the benefit of a full Land Rover Approved Service history.

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