Harwoods Group was established over 85 years ago as automotive specialists who were looking to provide a premium level of customer care in the motoring industry. Harwoods Garages were founded by Wally Harwood in Pulborough back in 1931. When Wally started the business, he had a handful of employees while he took on a very full-on role as the salesman, manager, workshop manager and a skilled technician.

Throughout the war, the garages took a back seat as all hands were put into the war effort, and an ammunition factory soon developed. Once the war was over, the company was converted into an engineering factory which made heat-exchangers for the petrochemical industry. By 1959, Wally’s son, and current Chairman, Guy, had joined the family business. By 1965 the engineering company was sold to develop the garage business, but sadly Wally became ill and passed away, leaving Guy to take over the reigns as he became chairman of Harwoods Garages.

In 1992, Guy put his full focus into the automotive industry and helped establish Harwoods Group as it is today. Redevelopments started in Pulborough but extended across West Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire. By this stage, Harwoods were employing around 50 people as the business had gone from strength to strength.

Developing key relationships with new manufacturers over the decades, Harwoods has expanded dramatically under Guys guidance. To this day we now employ 900 people in the motoring industry in the South of England. Harwoods is very much a family business and Guy’s son, Archie, is set to take over business in the coming years. Archie has been involved in the business since the tender age of 3. From cleaning cars, to answering phones and making a general nuisance of himself, being part of the business has very much been a part of the daily routine. Having established himself as a service advisor for 18 months, he then went on to set up our group internal contacts centre with supports our service department with inbound and outboard servicing bookings. Archie followed that with further expansion of his knowledge of the business with spells in marketing IT and finance. In 2012, Archie was appointed as a Director of the board, cementing his position in the business long-term. We look forward to a bright and prosperous future, by treasuring our employees and customers, and looking to grow and improve every day. We look forward to welcoming you into our dealerships.