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    McLaren Special Operations at Harwoods Group

Crafting one-of-a-kind cars


McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is dedicated to extending the possibilities of McLaren ownership. With highly specialised and exquisite craftsmanship, the MSO team will work with you to transform your dreams into reality, turning the already special McLaren Sports and Super Series models into one-of-a-kind, historic vehicles.

The road to McLaren Special Operations

Forged in the success of McLaren’s deep-rooted history in F1, McLaren Automotive has excellence in its blood. With the foundation of McLaren Special Operations (MSO) in 2011, the British manufacturer set its sights on offering a completely tailored experience to owners of its breathtaking cars. 

Style without limits

From luxurious colour palettes and iconic interior design to carbon fibre styling upgrades, your every wish can be satisfied through MSO’s almost endless list of possibilities. MSO’s offerings are completed with its unforgettable Limited Editions, including the iconic 650S Le Mans which is inspired by the legendary McLaren which sped to victory in the 24-hour race in 1995. As a McLaren owner, you will have access to a world of exclusive products and services which will revolutionise your ownership experience. 

Tailored to you

With its Bespoke range, MSO offers you the chance to craft your ideas and inspiration into the car of your dreams. Perhaps you want to encapsulate a moment in time and pay homage to one of McLaren’s legendary F1-winning cars, or perhaps you want your unique personality to be imbued into the shape, lines and finish of your car... MSO’s handpicked team of specialists will work closely with you to make your vision a reality.

The 720S: Reimagined

Showcasing their visual and technical prowess and demonstrating just a fraction of the possibilities available to McLaren customers, the MSO team have reimagined the marque’s monumental 720S Super Series model with five distinctive, awe-inspiring themes.



MSO 720S Velocity

Carbon fibre rear deck and rear aero bridges add the perfect finishing touches to this incredible theme. Its bespoke twin-tone red is brought to life with the gorgeous pearlescent pairing of Nerello and Volcano Reds.



MSO 720S Pacific

Like the Pacific Ocean, there is much that lies beneath the surface of this refreshing theme. Beyond its deep, Kingfisher blue paintwork and tinted carbon fibre finishing, this theme embraces the smallest of details to complete its look, enhancing its interior with blue contrast stitching and subtle flashes of colour.



MSO 720S Stealth

Victory lies at the heart of this momentous theme. Drawing inspiration from the grey McLaren F1 GTR which tenaciously seized victory in Le Mans, Stealth is the embodiment of a remarkable moment in British motorsport history.



MSO 720S Track

Embrace speed, both visually and on the track, with this sport-inspired theme. Enhanced by external carbon fibre elements which reduce the vehicle’s weight, the Track theme is focused on performance and designed for those who love to race.




Evoke luxury and sophistication with the Sarigan Quartz GT theme. The understated class of the 720S, as well as its incredible combination of comfort and performance provide the muse for this evocative, bespoke design.

To find out more about the incredible services offered by McLaren Special Operations, download the MSO brochure here and discover the ‘art of the possible’.

Endless possibilities

Build a car as individual as you with MSO’s extensive range of design options. From exquisite paintwork to a selection of special tints on McLaren’s Carbon Fibre range, MSO works with only the highest quality materials to craft your car.

Super Series: Custom-made

Make a statement with your bespoke 720S. As you handpick each element, starting by selecting a colour which inspires you and alloys which invoke your style, you will shape the one-of-a-kind car which will project your vision onto the world.                                                        

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Sports Series: Custom-made

The 570S, the 570S Spider and the 570GT – whichever iconic model you choose, we offer you the chance to put your own unique spin on the car. At Harwoods, we will guide you through the steps of selecting each individual component of your supercar, tailoring both the look and sound of the vehicle to your unique vision.

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 Lifelong passion and support

For owners of matchless MSO McLarens, the service and support should equal the levels of excellence embodied by their cars. That’s where MSO strives to excel, offering both factory standard care and an additional level of servicing which includes a variety of options to upgrade and personalise your car.

The extra mile

Built on the inimitable foundations of McLaren’s pioneering supercars, MSO takes these to the next level. By putting you at the heart of the creative process, MSO allows you the freedom to design a priceless, inspirational car which is truly one-of-a-kind.


Talk to our dedicated McLaren team at Harwoods New Forest today to find out how MSO can translate your unique vision into reality.