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    McLaren Special Operations – MSO Bespoke


MSO Bespoke


McLaren Special Operations was created in 2011, but its heritage can be traced to before the foundation of McLaren Automotive, to the launch of the legendary McLaren F1 GTR that won outright at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995 - McLaren were determined to offer the owners of the world’s most special supercar a customer care programme as unique as the McLaren F1 itself. What emerged was a personalisation service catering for customers exact requirements, with technicians who would literally travel around the world to provide service and maintenance. This is McLaren Special Operations Bespoke – MSO.

Creating Unique Cars Around Individual Tastes


McLaren Special Operations Bespoke is dedicated to enabling you to take your McLaren ownership even further, existing purely to create unique cars around individual tastes. Our hand-picked highly skilled craftsmen can design, create and engineer almost anything, limited only by your imagination. Whether you have been inspired to create a unique interior colour scheme combined with a bespoke exterior paint treatment, or perhaps a one-off wheel finish, our mission is to transform what is already special into something truly unique.




Personalisation for the McLaren Sports and McLaren Super Series sportscars includes lightweight carbon fibre styling upgrades, interior enhancements and an extensive range of colour schemes and finishes with limitless possibilities, from subtle changes to completely new body styles. MSO Bespoke offers a range of products and services to further enhance your McLaren ownership experience not just for new cars, but also for pre-owned models from the McLaren stable too.


 The team at MSO will guide you through a creative process and help shape your ideas until you are satisfied that you have a car like no other – whether you want to revive a piece of motorsport history, imbue your McLaren with a sense of your own personality, or even create a completely new body style. MSO take pride in pushing the boundaries of what is possible, even if it means inventing new technology or engineering processes to achieve your desired goal.

McLaren Special Operations at Harwoods McLaren New Forest


McLarens are by definition exclusive, but customers undertaking far-reaching MSO Bespoke projects create truly priceless one-of-a-kind supercars. If you would like more information about how MSO Bespoke can make your dream become a reality, simply contact us here at Harwoods McLaren New Forest for the experience that you expect and deserve from McLaren.