Your MINI has been designed to make sure that when servicing is required, it will be done as efficiently as possible by our MINI Approved Technicians.

If you would like a quick inspection of your MINI to make sure it is in tip-top condition, our MINI Approved Technicians can give your MINI a winter health-check. This entails a twenty-minute inspection of the essential components of your MINI, to make sure your car is ready for wherever you go next.

The MINI Health Check will cover the following:

  • All lights
  • Heat blower
  • Horn Battery Coolant
  • Screen wash
  • Steering and engine oil
  • Fluid levels
  • Steering mobility
  • Brake pads and discs
  • Wiper-blades
  • Tyre pressure and treads
  • Drivebelt Exhaust

To find out more or to book your own MINI Health Check, contact Harwoods MINI today. For further information contact Harwoods MINI today on 01256 630 513

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