​Bangers4BEN 2015 – The Road Trip

Harwoods’ very own Brett Ward has just returned from an epic Bangers4BEN adventure, having visited some of the most famous racetracks of Europe in a retro Jaguar X-Type.

Covering more than 1,500 miles with GForces’ James Drewett and 49 other petrolhead teams, the pair took part in the adventure to raise money for BEN – Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund. The only rule of the event was that the chosen vehicle must cost less than £750.

Their route started at Silverstone on October 15, before heading across the channel to Reims and then on to Munich. Following that they headed to Spa before returning to Dover. The varying racetracks all provided different challenges, and so did the cuisine, with the French scalloped potatoes taking garlic levels to an unprecedented level.

Once they had navigated the quieter routes, the autobahns of Germany lay ahead, where the Jag hit a respectable top speed of 130mph. A tour of the BMW Museum was well worth the trip and essential for all BMW aficionados.

With Oktoberfest safely negotiated the next stop was Spa, where a private tour and pace car lap around the famous circuit was a real treat. Eau Rouge was attacked with as much vigour as the Jag could manage and the boys can confirm that the hill on the back straight really is as steep as everybody says.

You can still donate to the worthy cause by visiting this link. If you want to find out more about Bangers4BEN and maybe get involved in the 2016 edition, don’t hesitate to contact Harwoods today.