570GT. For the journey. So, we did.

Question. Take the DNA of a McLaren supercar, with its full-blooded performance for pulse-racing thrills, tweak the suspension for the softer touch, and design the cabin around everyday use, what do you have?

Answer. The McLaren 570, specifically the Grand Tourer (GT).

Question. Does this really translate to an everyday usable supercar?

Answer. We took the 570GT, for our use appropriately and affectionately named Bolt, for a 24 hour non-stop photography tour to find out.

The brief was simple, take Bolt for a tour de South England from Kent in the east along to Sandbanks a few miles west of the New Forest. We were to experience how the 570GT feels to drive using everyday roads, from the occasional openness of the dual lane A27 (including the renowned queues) through city centres, and out to winding countryside B roads. The journey was to include many stops to photograph the McLaren in its new soon to be play area (more on that below), and as none of us typically venture out for a drive with a support vehicle for our luggage, neither did we. This meant carrying extensive camera gear and overnight luggage for two onboard. Fortunately, the 570GT does indeed have the luggage capacity to rival a family hatchback (well, almost). We proved it.

Now you can picture the scene, two average age/size/build gentleman sitting very comfortably in the extended leather interior upon McLaren’s power sports seats with all the adjustment and heating you could require (all saved to memory).
The natural daylight noticeably floods in to our spacious cockpit thanks to the tinted panoramic glass roof. We both agreed, the interior was perfectly luxurious. Loaded up, it was time to go.

And go we did, with the refined GT chassis; for those who are keen for the details, it is constructed from McLaren’s proven ultralight carbon fibre MonoCell II, combined with the breathtakingly powerful twin-turbocharged V8 engine, delivered effortlessly through the dual-clutch 7 speed gearbox, producing an astonishing yet usable drive. We could list here all the various driving assistance systems fitted to the 570GT, but that is what the brochure is for, and so for now all you need to know is that they are all there, working in perfect unison to deliver the safe driving experience for everything the road (and life) throws at you, or you throw at it.

The Tour de South England took us through many varied driving conditions, such as the busy City of Brighton & Hove, Arundel, Chichester (our friends at Goodwood), the Spinnaker Tower in the heart of Portsmouth, Southampton, the beautiful roads of The New Forest before our destination at Sandbanks, Dorset. For the passenger, in this case the photographer, this meant nervously agreeing to enter and exit a supercar, complete with camera equipment, no less than 20 times in the day which had been planned for the tour. You will be pleased to hear that there was no need for concern, and the 570GT was reportedly perfect for this intensive use, not to mention a wonderful experience of using the dihedral soft close doors.

Thanks to the GT adaptive damping tuned suspension, several hundred miles were comfortably covered with ease and without that end of long journey fatigue. For those willing to commit, there are choice of 3 handling modes available to test yourself and the car to the limit on track. For us, this would have to wait for the next Harwoods track day (April the 13th just in case you’re wondering).

So, can a supercar really be useable as an everyday car, for work, for play? The McLaren 570GT can. We know this because we lived it, we used it where you would use it, and we found it quite simply a joy to drive. The 570GT is equipped with every feature a high-performance supercar demands, and for everyday use everything you would expect including the McLaren infotainment system. You can sense and feel the DNA, combined with the luxury enclosed in a low, race-ready profile that is unmistakably McLaren. Everywhere we went, Bolt was received with looks of admiration. One day wasn’t enough. Let’s hope McLaren keep up with a Grand Touring option moving forward.

You can discover the unique McLaren experience yourself by visiting the thrilling new McLaren New Forest showroom located in Bramshaw, set to open in late Spring 2019. For updates follow us on facebook @HarwoodsOnline and on Instagram /mclarennewforest

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