Apprenticeships with Harwoods

Apprenticeships with Harwoods

As a well established family business, in addition to customer service, our employees lie at the forefront of our business. That's why we feel that providing rich opportunities to learn are important. Here at Harwoods, we gave Anna that opportunity and it certainly paid off. Anna has grown within our business as a Digital Marketing Apprentice and we are pleased to have such an enthusiastic individual in our team. Below is Anna's personal experience during her Harwoods Apprenticeship. To find out more about our Apprenticeship opportunities, contact your local Harwoods dealership today or email

As a Digital Marketing Apprentice for Harwoods Group, I would like to share with you my experiences so far with the established family run business.

At the age of 17, I was told that I needed to have an idea of what I wanted to do with the many working years of my life ahead of me, cluelessly I followed the crowd and headed straight to A-Levels picking 3 subjects that I assumed I wanted to do. One year down the line and I discovered that following the crowd was a bad idea, I was a part of the 5% of the population which are Kinaesthetic Learners so sitting in 2/3-hour lecturers was not helping my fidgety brain. I felt like that was it; I would have to stay in a job which was more suited to my learning style, my previous job being with horses, and never have an A-Level or degree to back me up through the rest of my career.

I dropped out of A- Levels and got stuck in to working full time however, after being nagged profusely by my Mother to trial some other opportunities I headed back to College to seek some advice.

Here, I was introduced to the head of Apprenticeships where she helped me whittle my preferred educational subject down to Marketing. An interview later and here I am, A Digital Marketing Apprentice for Harwoods Group. It isn’t everyday that part of your job contains being surrounded by stunning, luxury vehicles and the Marketing dream team.

Within the first month I was learning vast amounts and gaining so much more experience, it made studying easy and relatable. I could work off my own initiative but felt comfortable asking questions – and there were many!

When the opportunity to take on Harwoods Group social media arose, I felt trusted and responsible in delivering thousands of viewers & followers with content that I think they would appreciate, to help widen the audience even further using one of the largest marketing tools of this time.

My job is constantly expanding and is different everyday as they put what I learn at college into practice during my time at Harwoods. I am always listened to when I recite what I have learnt, and my ideas are mostly put in to action. There are few workplaces that will allow you to experiment and take control over campaigns at an age of 18 but this has never been questioned whilst I have been here.

Working for Harwoods has taught me a wider knowledge of business management in terms of stimulating market growth and the study of human behaviour. I am consistently pushed out of my comfort zone and shown that I can do more than what I thought possible whilst being fully supported by everyone, this has given me a huge confidence boost and I feel privileged to work for such a caring business.

Whenever I have faced any difficulties during my time here they are always put right and actioned quickly, for example, I struggled to cope with being sat in an office for long periods of time, especially when my past jobs and all my hobbies are outdoors, as soon as this was raised, I was given the opportunity to move around to different sites; I was also given the chance to join in at events and represent Harwoods at Prestige venues and the meeting of new people.

If you are confused and unsure of what you want to do and feel that a hands-on way of learning is for you then I would highly recommend Harwoods to support you, in both life experiences and qualifications. If you have any questions or want to find out more about apprenticeships at Harwoods then please feel free to contact us via email:

To sum this experience up… I now make outstanding tea however, still working on the coffee…

P.S. Get well soon Tracy

To find out more about apprenticeships at Harwoods, please contact your local Harwoods dealership today or email other opportunities within the Harwoods Group please visit our Careers Page.

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