The new Audi A3: more dynamic than ever

Introducing the new sporty, digitalized and fully connected Audi A3

  • New Sedan - with extended lateral line and coupé-like roof
  • New Sportback – a progressive design of the distinctive body shape
  • Innovative daytime matrix LED headlights
  • 10.1-inch touch display with handwriting recognition
  • New third-generation modular infotainment
  • Six user profiles (seat, climate control, media)
  • Six engine/transmission variants
  • Sporty and balanced suspension
  • Driver assist systems: collision avoidance and lane departure warning

The Audi A3 established the premium class segment back in 1996, and has been at the forefront of evolution in the segment ever since. So, how do you take such a popular car to the next level?

Introducing generation 4.0: the new more dynamic Audi A3 Sportback and Sedan. The sporty, digitalized and fully connected driving experience, built around you the driver, delivers many innovations from the larger size class including infotainment, suspension and driver assist systems. Before we head there, let’s consider the exterior, which is unmistakably Audi.

Externally, the new A3 models feature a compact sporty design, with new design elements using smooth full-length lines running from the headlights to the rear lights, to place a stronger emphasis on the wheels, which are available up to an eye-catching 19-inches. The resulting concave sides are a brand-new feature showcased in these new models. Physically the Audi A3 Sedan is just over 15 centimetres longer than the Sportback, which itself is 3 centimetres longer than its predecessor, whilst the wheelbase remains the same. So, what does this mean in real terms? Well, the Sportback provides a spacious 13.4 to 42.4 cu ft of luggage compartment space, depending on the rear seat position. Whereas the extra length of the Sedan adds to the overall strikingly elegant silhouette of a car which looks like it is moving even when stationary. As you approach the new A3 you will be greeted with the wide hexagonal honeycomb grille, symbolizing the dynamic character of this premium car. You will also discover the new, innovative, daytime running digital matrix LED headlights, featuring pixel arrays which create special light signatures, making the A3 instantly recognisable. This is a car built around the driver, so let’s shift our attention inside to explore the optimised new interior.

Digital, driver focused, sophisticated and engaging. This is all you need to know; however, we are keen to share the exciting cockpit which will surround you, providing the expected Audi experience. At this point we should mention that you could have entered the car via Audi connect key on your Android smartphone, which allows you to lock, unlock and start the engine. Once inside, you will be pleased to notice familiar elements from the brand’s larger class models. For example, the instrument cluster, which you operate from the steering wheel is digital as standard. You have the opportunity to upgrade to the optional Audi virtual cockpit, providing additional functions such as large navigation display, whilst the plus version features a 12.3” display enabling 3 different views. A head up display is available as an option too, making the A3 configurable to your needs and budget. Finally, we should add that the graphics are reassuringly sporty, and we like that.

We all know how important the infotainment system is, and the A3 features the exquisite new third-generation modular platform with 10.1” display as standard. This is ten times more powerful than its predecessor, performing all tasks relating to connectivity, such as telephony, Audi connect services and integrated Wi-Fi hotspot. The touch display recognises handwriting, provides acoustic feedback, and can be controlled via voice. Perfection.

We are all different; the Audi A3 acknowledges this by providing no less than six user defined profiles, which can provide individually preferred settings for various features from climate control and the seat position, to frequently used navigation destinations and selected media. You can truly be yourself with the A3.

From a sustainable viewpoint, you will be pleased to read that the comfortable seat which just embraced you has fabric made from a high amount of recycled PET bottles, with stylish contrasting stitching being used for the first time. This combined with striking door openers, aluminium or carbon inlays and the black-panel look of the instrument displays make for a nuanced interior experience.

The drive. As you would expect, the new Audi A3 is equipped with a flexible choice of engine options to suit your exact preferences, with six engine/transmission variants consisting of four TFSI and two diesel TDI models. The entry-level 1.0TFSI, three-cylinder petrol engine, provides 110hp through a six-speed manual transmission. The larger 1.5 TFSI increases power output to 150hp, as well as providing cylinder on demand (COD) which effectively deactivates/activates cylinders to help reduce fuel consumption. The 35TFSI MHEV features a 48v mild hybrid system which acts to recuperate energy and boost fuel consumption. The similarly powered 2.0 TDI diesel variants provide either 116hp or 150hp. As mentioned, power is driven through a six-speed manual transmission, with the MHEV and more powerful TDI connected with the quick shifting seven-speed S tronic system.

On the road, the A3 will feel sporty and balanced as standard, with a comfortable ride and good dynamics, all thanks to a refined suspension setup. You can upgrade further with the optional Audi drive select handling system providing adaptive damper control, as well as the option for progressive steering, enabling you to tailor your driving experience. Either way, you will be in safe hands with the fully equipped driver assist systems fitted as standard. Audi pre sense front, the collision avoidance assist, and the lane departure warning, both help prevent accidents on your daily drive. Even here there are further options for your consideration, including lane change and exit warning, cross traffic and park assist systems. All reassuringly smart.

So as you can see, the new A3 is a significant progressive step forward for the popular model. At launch, this will be celebrated with a special edition – the edition one – which comes with exclusive features such as darkened Matrix LED headlights and 18-inch wheels. The interior S Line with newly developed sports seats, aluminium inlays and stainless pedals complete the look. Future models include further electrified variants and versions with quattro drive.

We could write more, but really the only way to fully experience the exhilarating new A3 is to see, touch and drive. So, contact us to make an appointment at Harwoods Audi Crawley, Five Oaks, Portsmouth or Southampton, and feel more dynamic than ever with the new Audi A3.

Discover more about the new Audi A3 experience for yourself by visiting our showrooms at Crawley, Five Oaks, Portsmouth and Southampton. Currently by appointment, please see to arrange your visit.

Audi A3 - More dynamic than ever before.

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