Audi have always been known for their reliability and innovation, and this hasn’t changed in their release of the new E-plug-in Hybrid joining their range of cutting-edge.

This Audi A3 Sportback 45 TFSI e is a plug-in hybrid to rival them all, one that provides a six-speed automatic gearbox connected to a 1.4 litre petrol engine and 80kW electric motor, providing up to 201 brake horsepower as standard.

This means that the A3 PHEV provides 282 miles per gallon and 31g/km in Co2 emissions, which is extremely impressive for the range.

Let’s look at this car a little more, and consider some of its apparent charms:

Further Specifications & Cost

The A3 hybrid provides a 0-60 mph of 7.6 seconds with a top speed of 141 mph, very impressive for a model of this category.

Furthermore, the 280-litre boot space provides enough room for personal and professional use, despite the large size of the electric motor and petrol engine combined.

Additionally, the Technik model supports a Virtual Cockpit digital instrument screen display system, with all of the trimmings expected such as satellite navigation and headlight control. Depending on if you choose this model or the Sport model, you may gain 16 inch or 17 inch alloy wheels respectively.

Why Is It Exciting?

As most PHEV vehicles are at the cutting edge of design between both analogue and electric modes of transportation, it’s amazing to see just how responsive, enjoyable and impressive these production models have become. As such, the A3 E-Plug-In Hybrid is no different.

What may also surprise and excite you is the price. The standard trim model, for instance, is only £27,105, extremely reasonable for a vehicle of this calibre and finish. The vehicle offers renewed styling definitions too, reminiscent of the Audi Q3 SUV in places. For instance, the larger frontal grille, the arch grooves in the bonnet and the stylish headlight clusters provide a noticeable, sleek yet more imposing visual upgrade compared to prior models. Whoever said that electric vehicles will never seem like they ‘bite’ has no doubt been proven repeatedly wrong by now.

Who Is It For?

Of course, anyone looking to reduce their fuel emissions, particularly within inner-city travel, is no doubt aware and highly interested in acquiring a PHEV, if not a full electric vehicle.

The Audi E3 plug-in hybrid meets the best of both worlds, providing the luxurious class and comfortable practicality expected of an Audi flagship with the improved fuel economy, sustained and responsive performance, as well as sleek yet upgraded aesthetic perfect for the new decade.

As such, this vehicle and all of its trimmings (reaching up to over £40,000 for the luxurious model) is truly not only the PHEV of the present, but a PHEV with one eye to the future. It is the best expression of how PEV's can be integrated, affordably, reliably and with extreme quality, into Audi’s ecosystem we are all familiar with.

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