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New Audi EV App & WhatsApp Concierge Service

With the future of the automotive industry pointing towards electrification, Audi is set to launch a new app in early 2020, aimed at providing customers with more information about switching to electric, as well as additional information for existing Audi Electric customers. The new EV & me app will offer electric vehicle (EV) journey planning, as well as highlighting the benefits of going electric.

The app allows customers to track their frequent journeys and discover the mileage, battery state and the number of charges required for longer drives. Customer considering switching to electric can compare running costs between the e-tron and petrol or diesel alternatives. What’s more, the benefits of owning an EV, useful information about charging, as well as detailed information about current, new and future Audi EV models, are all outlined and available on the app.

After using the app to discover useful information, potential customers can use the app to request a test drive, configure an Audi EV or contact their local Audi dealership.

The new app is a further addition to the recently launched Audi e-tron WhatsApp Concierge service, which is also aimed at making owning the fully electric Audi e-tron even easier. Audi e-tron customers taking part in the bespoke e-tron customer welcome CRM programme, have been utilising the WhatsApp messaging service to ask e-tron and EV related questions with quick response times. Audi then plan to enrol the service more widely, giving e-tron customers a premium experience and a quick response, 12 hours a day, seven days a week, to any questions they may have, with the hope they can spend more time enjoying their fully electric e-tron.

“We are excited to see where e-tron Concierge takes ‘instant messaging’ as a communication tool for Audi UK,”

Ben Kelly, Customer Engagement Executive

So far, the Concierge service is proving to be a success, with the average response time to a customer question at 3 minutes and 34 seconds and on average, an astonishing 78.3% of customers contacting Audi through WhatsApp receive a response within five minutes.

Contact your local Harwoods Audi dealership to find out more and to keep updated about when these services will be available.

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