New Bentayga Hybrid Coming Soon

Hybrid Powertrain

Powering the New Bentayga Hybrid will be the same setup as its Hybrid predecessor. A 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 producing over 300bhp will be paired with an electric motor that alone produces 126bhp. The combined power will be 443bhp and 516Ib ft torque for a 0-60mph time of just 5.2 seconds. 

EV-Only Driving

Thanks to a hefty 17.6kWh Lithium battery, the New Bentayga Hybrid will offer 24 miles of emission-free driving which will be useful for low-emission zones and shorter commutes. Most drivers use their Bentayga Hybrid for shorter journeys at a time, so you could find yourself at the petrol station far less often with the Hybrid variant of Bentayga.

Plug-in Hybrid Technology

New Bentayga isn’t just a self-charging hybrid, it’s topped up by a proper charging port and can use charging speeds up to 7.2kWh to power the electric motor and works efficiently with the 3.0 litre V6 to return 80.7mpg and just 79g/km of CO2. 

New Bentayga Hybrid Availability

New Bentayga can be viewed in showrooms now with the V8 engine option, and the New Bentayga Hybrid will be available over the next few months. For more information and to make an enquiry on the New Bentayga Hybrid, follow the link below.

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