bentley logoEsteemed car manufacturers Bentley have never been afraid of progress, seeking high levels of innovation that ensure their vehicles are capable of providing a true luxury experience to their drivers. Now, Bentley have taken another step into the future with the announcement of “Advanced Connectivity”, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection that offers an unparalleled experience to the user.

Advanced Connectivity is, according to Bentley, a world first; a super-fast Wi-Fi connection that is available in-car. In addition to speed and ease of use, Bentley have also sought to prioritise reliability and security to deliver a Wi-Fi experience that is as simple and straightforward as a standard, at-home connection. To find out more about Advanced Connectivity, read on…

How did Bentley create Advanced Connectivity?

Bentley partnered with global communications experts Viasat to produce the new service. Viasat have established a stellar reputation in the industry; they manage over 14 million different Wi-Fi hotspots and have operated managed hotspot networks in over 30 countries. As a result, Bentley customers can be confident that the partnership with Viasat ensures that Advanced Connectivity is truly cutting edge and capable of delivering outstanding results.

What are the benefits of Advanced Connectivity?

  • Technologically advanced - Bentley Advanced Connectivity is capable of outperforming all current in-car connectivity, offering an ease of use and reliability that vastly outstrips existing systems
  • Ease of access - Bentley customers can connect to the Bentley Advanced Connectivity using a dedicated smartphone app
  • Convenience - Advanced Connectivity provides a reliable, uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, with the vehicle travelling at any speed
  • Security - when accessing Advanced Connectivity, users can be sure of a secure connection
  • Applications - a vast range of applications are available with Advanced Connectivity, including Skype for Business, virtual office applications, and the ability to stream high-definition video
  • Flexibility - Advanced Connectivity can be used across multiple platforms and devices in order to ensure a multi-functional experience
  • Future-proof - Advanced Connectivity is upwardly compatible with forthcoming 5G and 6G mobile signals, so the system should work flawlessly for many years to come

How does Bentley Advanced Connectivity work?

The system works as a multi-channel virtual private network (VPN), which bonds three different mobile networks in the single router. The router antenna is located inside the boot lid of the vehicle, connected to the standard DC power supply. The router antenna connects to a hub at a static site, which then links to the system in the vehicle, delivering an outstanding connection experience as a result.

When will Bentley Advanced Connectivity will be available?

Bentley announced the development of Advanced Connectivity in October 2018, and the system will be included on all new Bentley models in 2019. As a result, if you have been considering purchasing a new Bentley, you will be able to enjoy the incredible Wi-Fi experience provided by the Advanced Connectivity system.

For more information on the current Bentley models, please do not hesitate to contact us. We at Harwoods Group have been the leading motor dealership group in the south of England for over 80 years, proudly representing Bentley as they continue to innovate and develop technology that offers outstanding performance to the customer.

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