Bentley Bentayga Hybrid SUV

There was once a time where Bentley led the car world with its luxurious design and brand name with a high-class price tag. It then revolutionised the SUV market and made it its own, and now? It’s changing the way we see the hybrid car. Bentley is shaping an electric future, which is allowing them to embrace better technology and step into the 21st Century with the rest of us. Electric vehicles are slowly turning into the new must-have to be eco-friendlier and more efficient.

So, Does Bentley Make an Electric Car? With impressive performance and exceptional driving experience, the Bentayga Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid to watch. Bentley does luxury, and this is the world’s first in the luxury hybrid cars market.

Impeccable Beauty - The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

Most car drivers go for speed and efficiency first, with how beautiful the car looks second. With the Bentayga Hybrid, Bentley is shooting for the stars with their hybrid vehicles! Designed here in the UK, the Bentayga Hybrid is one that is sleek to look at, with B-shaped wing vents and the distinctive headlamp cluster. The advanced aluminium exterior continues to balance the classic brand with the modern sportiness that people crave in their electric vehicles today.

The materials used are, of course, the best quality as per the Bentley brand. The interior fabric contrasts beautifully with the veneers around the edge of the cabin. It’s soft to touch, and the fluted seats make for a comfortable ride. This is a car that purrs, with the all-electric driving mode allowing the driver a satisfying silence that isn’t found with too many new cars.

Embracing Excellence

The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid strives for excellence, pushing all performance boundaries and offering ground-breaking experiences in the electric cars market. Drivers will find the acceleration effortless, which adds to the hybrid experience here. The bonus? As it’s a plug-in hybrid, you can enjoy the lowest CO2 emissions in the Bentley range, and it’s all thanks to the electric cars range on offer.

When it comes to excellence, the Bentley brand itself pushes itself to the limits. There are no compromises with the regular fossil-fuel powered cars on the road, so there is nothing different when it comes to the option of the electric vehicle. This is a car that can go from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds, with a top speed of 158mph. Exciting and peaceful, this is a hybrid that is the embodiment of style.

Personal Specifications

The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid is a car that comes equipped with a range of personalised specifications available. You can have the perfect electric vehicle that is precisely what you want from your car. You’ll love the use of Park Assist and the Mulliner Style Specification, which adds a touch of luxury to this beautiful car. If you’re still on the fence about the Bentley Bentayga, this should sway it!

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