Bentley released a new car in October and it is a dream for every person who loves quality four-door cars. A petrol V8 is now a new option, called the Bentley Flying Spur, for those looking to purchase Bentleys. The release of this new car comes shortly after the car manufacturer released a model with a W12 engine. This new model is keen to drive, is incredibly quiet so it is a pleasure to listen to and much cheaper than its counterparts. Here is everything you need to know about the new Bentley Flying Spur.

It Is Easy To Drive

This new model is much lighter than the previous models. Where the Flying Spurs used to be 2,437kg, they are now 2,337kg. That means this car is 100kg lighter. You may think this is an insignificant difference, but it is not. Because the car is so much lighter, it drives sharper. It is very easy to drive. Along with improving its weight distribution, it is also more agile. You can expect to have four-wheel steer technology, but only if you want it as that those qualities are optional.

It Drives Fast

It only makes sense that this model also drives faster than its siblings because it is much lighter.  It also has adaptive air suspension and torque vectoring capabilities, which also play a factor in its ability to take off quickly. You can reach up to 62 miles per hour in only four seconds. The absolute fastest you can go is 198 miles per hour.

It Gives You Decent Gas Mileage

When it comes to gas mileage, the Flying Spur takes the cake. It has a smaller engine, therefore making cylinder deactivation easy and seamless. The four cylinders can be deactivated when coasting at below 3000rpm. This helps to reduce fuel consumption. You will not even know that the cylinders are being deactivated. This model also helps to lower your carbon footprint. With the Flying Spur, carbon dioxide emissions are lower than the W12 by 17 percent. This is major. Though we do not have numbers yet, it is known that the V8 only emits 280g/km.

It Has A Mini Fridge

This should be reason enough to consider heading to your local Audi dealer for this model. There is an updated fridge cooler just for your beverages that sits perfectly between the two seats in the back of the car. It will keep your bottles of many sizes cool at +6 and -6 degrees. Anything from cans of beer to bottles of sparkling water or champagne. This added feature is perfect for those who take long trips and want to stay hydrated.

It Gives A Sleek Look

Though this model is similar to the previous model in terms of its interior design, it is still sleek and classic. The car comes in seven colors as standard. You can also opt for the “Blackline” trim. Instead of the chrome exterior trim, you can have the darker trim.

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