Introducing our mini-series for Audi Q Range - with offers!

The highly desirable Audi Q range is renowned for providing the dynamic SUV experience to meet the broad range of customers exact needs. With smart technology and dramatic Audi design throughout the sought-after range, what is it that inspires owners to choose a particular Q? Don't forget to check our offers below.

Q7: Extra spacious, extra poise.

Space is luxury, and the Q7 is the benchmark for luxurious space. It is time to increase the seating to 7; something owners who have a larger family and/or guests to accommodate truly appreciate.

Owners rely on the impressive driving capability of the larger SUV in the Q range, which incorporates Audi advanced safety systems to aid the most complex of everyday tasks. Combined with the seemingly endless bold performance, this spacious 7-seat SUV defies its size to provide the most comfortable and exhilarating drive for all passengers, wherever your journey takes you.

The Audi Q7 is the SUV which provides luxurious space to the max. The practical performance, reliably delivered on a bold scale, is for those who wish to go big. This is why they choose the Q7..

For more information on the Audi range and our service plans, please contact your local Harwoods Audi dealership today.

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