Introducing the latest coupé styled Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron SUV concept. An exciting decision awaits.

  • Coupé styled spacious compact SUV concept
  • 12.3” touchscreen display
  • Augmented reality heads up display
  • 310 mile range
  • 225kW power
  • 6 second 0-60
  • Top speed 112mph (restricted)
  • 2021 delivery

Following the Q4 e-tron concept revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Audi have unveiled its twin – the Sportback concept due for sale in 2021. Technically identical, this visually engaging Coupé variant is as dynamic as it is elegant. With a liberating 310 mile range from two electric motors delivering 225kW through quattro all-wheel drive; yes, this is very much an SUV to look forward to. So, let’s get under the skin of this breath of fresh air, the Sportback Coupé.

For starters, this concept is built around the Audi MEB modular electrification platform, giving an advanced look at the technology which will be integrated into numerous models to come. The large 82kW capacity battery takes most of the space in the underbody area, providing a low centre of gravity vital for SUV handling characteristics. And the charge time? Well, a 125kW charger enables an 80% charge in around 30 minutes. Those familiar with the renowned quattro system will appreciate knowing the 225kW power is split 150kW to the rear, 75kW to the front, with torque distributed in a fraction of a second providing optimum traction in all weather conditions. Combine this with energy efficient design, such a low aerodynamic drag (a drag coefficient of 0.26 for those who really appreciate the finer details) and a sophisticated recuperation strategy, the Q4 Sportback sets the benchmark in its class.

Moving on from the advanced tech to the aesthetic elegance of the Q4 Sportback design. We will start with perhaps the most important area, the interior, because this is all about you. Space: there is an abundance of it, partly due to the ‘wheel in each corner’ design (we know, that sounds obvious) providing 2.77m wheelbase for perhaps an unexpected level spaciousness and comfort for an SUV of this size. This is especially applicable to leg room, for both the front and rear occupants, so everyone will enjoy the comfortable ride, enhanced by the exquisitely crafted Alcantara seats.

Perhaps your Q4 Sportback e-tron purchase will be driven by environmental factors, seeking true sustainability. If so, you will be pleased to hear that this hasn’t been limited to the electric nature of the Q4, as the floor covering is made from recycled materials and high quality multi-layer paint replaces chrome-plated metal décor frames.

Heads up. The Q4 will feature the impressive Audi virtual cockpit heads up display, providing essential elements such as speed, charge level and most satisfyingly the augmented reality navigation system. You take control via touch elements on the steering wheel spokes, accompanied by the generous 12.3” touchscreen, thoughtfully tilted towards to the driver. Useful storage is within reach thanks to smart Audi design, such as making use of the space liberated from not requiring a gear lever or hand brake. Instead, here you will connect your phone for charging, and store your pack of (sugar free) mints.

Stepping back out, the Q4 reveals further design notes which are unmistakably Audi. Officially the rear of the Q4 Sportback is referred to as the sexy back. Well, with the sweeping Coupé roof line leading down to the spoiler just above the striking side to side broad light band, finished with the illuminated e-tron logo, we’ll let you decide. Large 22” wheels, and new kinetic grey paint - a light metallic pearl effect which changes with your viewing angle – complete what is undeniably an elegant SUV which will be very much sought after in 2021.

So, all that's left to mention for now is the decision we started with. Alongside its sister, the Q4 e-tron, the new Sportback Coupé concept offers you the enviable opportunity to preselect the compact SUV to perfectly suit you. Technically twins, the decision is therefore between the versatility and robustness of the classic SUV or the dynamic elegance of the Coupé variant. Either way, you can be assured the inspiring Audi Q4 will drive your electric future.

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