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Do You Know The Benefits Of Winter Tyres?

More than 60 million motorists in Europe will swap their summer tyres for winter tyres over the months of November and December. 

Why? Because, regular summer tyres start to harden as the temperature drops, which in turn reduces flexibility and grip.

Winter tyres have higher levels of Silica (meaning they stay soft and supple even in freezing conditions), deeper grooves and narrow cuts (which displace water and help the tyre fight through snow and ice) to remain nimble at low temperatures and maintain optimum grip with the road. 

With winter months comes rain, wet leaves, snow and black ice, to ensure optimum safety in winter here are some winter tyre tips:

  • Check your tyre tread, the legal limit in the UK for tyre tread is 1.6mm, however at Harwoods we recommend changing your tyres at 3mm as the stopping distance between the two is significantly different. 
  • Another factor to check on is tyre pressure, make certain that your tyres are inflated to their recommended inflation pressures. This is crucial not only for safety purposes but having fully inflated tyres also improves fuel efficiency. 

Below is an example displaying the stopping distances between summer tyres and winter tyres at two different temperature’s:

Stopping distances

Stopping distances

As you can see from the images above, the type of tyre you have on your vehicle can have a significant impact on stopping distances and overall safety. Consider switching your current tyres for winter ones today.

If you would like more information on Winter Tyres please contact your local Harwoods Dealership

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