How COVID-19 has changed the automotive industry... forever?

The current pandemic has changed all of our lives, but rather dwell on that, we wanted to give you an insight into how the automotive industry has changed due to the pandemic, and will it stay?

Virtual Car launches:

Just as the full extent of the pandemic was being realised in the UK, McLaren still saw an opportunity to continue business. Just before opening, the Geneva Motor show decides to cancel, leaving manufacturers in the lurch. Geneva is one of the main opportunities throughout the year to announce new cars and generates lots of interest in the automotive industry. Despite this, McLaren maximised this downfall, and announced its ‘virtual launch’ of its premium new supercar, the 765LT! This was very successful, using Instagram Live in a new way to launch the car.

Verdict: A great success and surely, it’ll stay? Motor shows such as Geneva cost manufacturers millions of pounds and ‘virtual’ launches might bring in a greater reach to the public. Could it be a good idea going forward or do you think it’ll go back to normal post-pandemic? ??

Digital Appointments:

Across the industry, including Harwoods, businesses of all sizes have utilised technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to offer digital appointments to customers due to the lockdown conditions we currently reside in. These appointments have helped businesses to continue to support customers with their sales and servicing needs. These appointments can be viewing or looking around a car, or just a conversation with a salesman.

Verdict: Here to stay! For many businesses, this offering was always on the horizon, the pandemic has only accelerated the process. This offering will help businesses post-pandemic to reach customers out of the location scope of the business, and provide more flexibility to people with families due to time-constraints etc.

How else do you think the industry has changed and will it remain post-pandemic? ??

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