Enhance Your Driving Experience With My Bentley

What is My Bentley?

My Bentley is an app that boasts a suite of online services to enhance you and your passengers' driving experience, so you can easily manage your connected lifestyles.

Developed especially for the Bentayga, Mulsanne and new Continental, the app can enhance your driving experience in a variety of ways, whether you are at home or in your vehicle. Check your fuel, pre-configure your cabin before you depart or check and lock your vehicle remotely. Organising your life has never been easier thanks to the app’s range of management features.

Before you drive anywhere, you can remotely activate the vehicle’s climate control through the app, so that the cabin is at the ideal temperature before you step inside.

Intelligent Navigation

My Bentley boasts intelligent navigation services, which can help from searching for a hotel or restaurant to locating your vehicle and setting destinations. With its Online Search feature powered by Google, you can set destinations in advance, share it with your vehicle and set it in the Bentley Navigation system. Contacts in your phone with an accompanying address can also be used as a destination point, allowing you to find your friends and family easier.

The app's Calendar function means you can access appointments and navigate to where you need to be. With the Picture option, you can select any location-enabled photo from your gallery and set it as your destination and let Bentley Navigation direct you back there.

Entertainment on the Move

The My Bentley app provides access to a whole world of music and radio throughout any journey. Napster music service provides access to over 34 million songs globally, as well as thousands of audio books. Radio.NET is also available, bringing over 30,000 radio stations from across the world to your vehicle.

The app’s smart features also offer Apple CarPlay connectivity, linking directly to your handset. This takes everything you like to do with your iPhone and puts it onto the car’s touchscreen for easy access. Send and receive messages, make calls, find directions, listen to music and more whilst you stay focused on the road.

Keeping You & Your Vehicle Safe

No matter where your journeys take you, the My Bentley app can provide peace of mind by helping to keep you and your passengers safe. In the event of an accident, Private eCall automatically activates a call with a Bentley Emergency Call Centre, who can then determine the action needed. It can also be manually initiated by pressing the SOS button.

My Bentley can also relay information about your car while you’re away from the vehicle, so you always know the status of your car. The Find My Car feature is another clever way to find exactly where your vehicle is.

My Bentley is available to download for iOS and Android. For more information on My Bentley, contact your local Harwoods Bentley dealership today.

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