Have you been exploring new long-haul transportation trucks for your business? At Harwoods Group we have been the leading dealership in South England for eight years. We have a range of MAN trucks that could be ideal for your business needs and requirements. Here are some of the possibilities that you can consider.


The MAN TGX is designed to be both reliable and provide ergonomic support inside. As well as keeping the driver comfortable on the road for longer trips, this truck is completely economical and will save you on fuel in the long term. It proves that you can get a truck which matches low consumption standards and delivers a high level of performance at the same time. With a variety of different equipment options, you won’t be disappointed with this truck for your business. It even has a lot of torque as well a low use of fuel.

MAN TGX EfficientLine

You might be familiar with the previous model for this truck. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the MAN TGX EfficientLine cuts fuel use by more than 6%. That’s an impressive saving and it’s going to take your efficiency levels up a new notch. As well as great fuel savings, there’s a brilliant gear shift program in play here. Ultimately, this is going to allow you to reduce engine speed without impacting the power that it provides. It’s a profit-maxing solution that you could definitely benefit from in your business.


The MAN TGS truck has been designed for the most difficult road journeys. It offers a payload that is quite simply unrivalled along with powerful engines that are certainly not going to let you down on the road. That also means that this truck will provide you with fantastic range and with different drive configurations you can stretch this even further. Ultimately, this truck will provide the power to ensure the success of your business on the road. Another great feature of this truck is that it will be suited for a wide range of different surfaces. So, whether you are using it continuously on motorways, or you need to head off the beaten track into muddy forests, it’s not going to let you down. It also has a beautifully intuitive panel for instruments. This means that all the switches and controls that you need are constantly going to be close at hand.


A high payload and full air suspension are two of the standout features on the MAN TGM truck that will make it a no brainer. Providing both safety and also a green friendly solution for modern environmental challenges, this truck is going to be perfect for vehicles that are carrying beverages. It could also be a great asset if you are mainly focused either on intercity and city transportation.


Finally, consider the MAN TGL truck as it offers a massively efficient solution for shorter hauls or in distribution traffic. If you want to reward your drivers and employees, this is certain to be the truck for you. It has an interior that both rivals and replicates, the type typically found in a luxury car.

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