The New Forest: no one-trick pony

 Why you need the all-encompassing New Forest McLaren car buying experience.

The great Bruce McLaren gifted us the timeless and thought-provoking “to do something well is so worthwhile that to die trying to do it better cannot be foolhardy”. Stirring words, which aside from the clear meaning, also enable us to reflect on one point which cannot be refuted; life is short, so live for experiences, enjoy them, make them the best they can be.

Therefore, we would like to say this: we truly believe that you can make the most of your McLaren experience by enhancing it with one very, very special thing - your surroundings, the environment in which you have chosen to invest your valuable time immersing in the beautiful machine experience, the McLaren. You have been drawn towards McLaren because you sense they do something better than any other, and so naturally the New Forest is the perfect host, itself being like no other.

With our enlightening new showroom conveniently located just minutes off the M27 at Bramshaw, sitting perfectly in the natural beauty of the New Forest National Park, you have the best of both worlds, two very different worlds in perfect unison. The ancient and largest protected heathland in Southern England, proclaimed a royal forest by William the Conqueror in 1079, is the perfect habitat for many rare birds and mammals, and now equally rare and exotic cars. Whereas the showroom represents precision engineering and mechanical beauty, the refined car buying experience.

So, before we drive off through the stunning roads which surround us, let’s step inside the showroom and peruse our machine of choice. To be fair, you have experienced a visual rollercoaster over the last few minutes, as having just left the hectic pace of the M27 you immediately found yourself reigned in (by the local ponies) to the slower pace and nature’s best surroundings, and now have stepped into the technologically elegant world of McLaren. It’s now time to embrace the spa-like experience of the anticipated clean lines and beautiful finishes specified by McLaren, purposely inviting you to enjoy the cars you came to see. With the purity of white and glass and careful lighting, you can’t help but feel content to relax your heartrate while you absorb what are arguably works of art which surround you. As you would expect, everything is here at your fingertips; the cars and the tools you need to specify your own take on McLaren with colour and finish specifications. These are not just physical, but also digital with the hard to resist 42” touchscreen configurator hosted in its own glass room for your cocooned bespoke specification experience. Very quickly your fingers effortlessly glide across the screen, spinning your McLaren to view your colour scheme from all angles. I want these specific wheels; I like the carbon fibre trim option there; you are in control and can see your new McLaren start to come to life.

Today however, you’ve been pleasantly surprised by the qualified pre-owned 720s Spider on display. It is finished in Supernova Silver with subtle black alloy wheels, and it is talking to you. You need to drive this car, now.

Roof down, you leave the showroom with choices in direction, but all lead to the unique roads and surroundings you came for, the likes of which are found nowhere else. Clearly you choose to respect the forest and the local environment, and so this isn’t about speed or pushing the McLaren to either its or your own limits. For that we have Goodwood nearby with our special hosted track days for invited guests - contact us for details and read our news blog post ‘running rings round the competition’.

Aside from occasionally giving way to ponies, who have the right of way on all roads, you soon find yourself at one with the 720s and the road ahead, sweeping along open heathland with views across to pine woodland clumps, the open space and air giving you a real sense of a moment in time.

There you have it, the enviable total McLaren buying experience, combining technology with one of the UK’s best natural surroundings, not to mention a unique selection of luxury hotels, fine restaurants and everything nautical which Southampton as to offer. Make a trip of it, your McLaren buying experience.

The New Forest, no one-trick pony.

Discover the unique Harwoods McLaren New Forest experience for yourself by visiting the showroom at Bramshaw, SO43 7JF. Make the most of your time here, make it worthwhile.

Please feed your passion, not the ponies.

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