Tricks from the Trade: Buying a Car

In this brief blog, we want to give you some tips to consider when in the market to buy a new/used car, whether it be one of our cars or another!

  1. Budget:

The most important factor when purchasing a new car for many people, is budget! it is important to establish what you can realistically afford and are comfortable with, whether it be a cash purchase or through finance. Before you go and see your dream car, establish how a new car would affect either your monthly budget or capital! We all get tempted to overstretch ourselves, do not fall into this trap!

Tip: If you do not have one already, create a spreadsheet of your monthly outgoings and add in a potential monthly payment outgoing. How does it affect it? Are you comfortable with this?

  1. Do your research!

A problem many people have when buying a new or used car is, they do not do their research! This can really help to uncover any unexpected costs or costs to expect. It is advisable to do some research around tax and insurance too. These are costs we often forget about but can be stung by later down the buying line (guilty as charged!).

Tip: If you’re looking at multiple options, create a note list or spreadsheet, which compares the added insurance costs for each, as well as the tax, any problems the model suffers from (and how much it costs to fix!), service plans/requirements, warranties etc. This will help you to easily compare the costs of each and help you decide which will be the most economical option for you!

  1. Take your time!

This piece of advice applies for the whole buying process, especially the research and test drive phase.

If you do not need a car urgently, take your time. It is advisable to get the specification or colour you really, really want; this is going to be your pride and joy, don’t forget! The perfect car is worth waiting for, no matter the budget, the perfect one will come for sale!

Also take your time when test driving the car and drive the car to your comfort. Any salesman is not going to be impressed by dangerous driving. Take time to enjoy the drive, test the car’s features and performance, and make sure it is what you want!

  1. Do your research (again!)

At most dealerships, they will offer you add ons i.e. GAP insurance and dent insurance etc. It is worth having a think about whether you would like these before you negotiate a deal, as it is easy to get flummoxed on the day! These products are often useful but may not fit your needs so, it’s good to think whether you would consider these products beforehand.

Most importantly... enjoy the process, it is exciting!

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