Harwoods Classics 

During this period, we’ve had a sit-down and reflected on some of the awesome models, the true icons, that we’ve had the pleasure of selling over the years.

Here are some of the awesome cars we’ve had the pleasure of, across all the Harwoods brands:

Audi: Audi R8 V8 – released in 2007

The car (undoubtedly) that reshaped the supercar market, creating the most usable, easy-to-drive supercar, capable of incredible performance whilst being the most obtainable out of its rivals. Harwoods were lucky enough to retail this model at our then 3 Audi sites Southampton, Five Oaks, and Portsmouth.

Bentley: The Bentley Continental GT3R

The Bentley Continental GT3R sparked back to Bentley’s racing roots, with the current Bentley flavouring of extreme luxury and plush nature. The GT3R was described as ‘the best handling Bentley Continental ever’ by Evo, and has a cult following amongst Bentley collectors, a no-doubt future classic of the Bentley brand!

Land Rover: Range Rover (1969-1996)

The original Range Rover! An icon for many, and one of the cars that pathed the way for Harwoods being the brand it is today!

We had the opportunity to sell these at Harwoods mid-production when we were awarded the Land Rover franchise in 1979. An icon of the age, which no doubt set the path for the massive SUV market we cherish in the UK today.

Jaguar: Jaguar XK-R (2006 to 2014):

Before the utterly crazy Jaguar F-Type, its predecessor was also pretty cool!! The Jaguar XK-R was still mega fast, even in comparison to the modern tricks of the F-Type, flying to 0-60mph in 4.6 secs, thanks to an awesome 4.2 (then from 2009, 5.0) supercharged V8.

This engine has been iconic for the Jaguar brand, providing a quintessentially British alternative to German rivals. With values for a good XK-R starting to dip below £20,000, is this a bargain for the performance? I know I would buy one!!

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