There have been rumblings that Jaguar Land Rover bosses are thinking about turning Jaguar into a brand that is electric-only. With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles, product planners for Jaguar hybrid cars are writing strategies that mean that the conventional range of Jaguar vehicles will be phased out within the next decade. These are, instead, to be replaced with Jaguar electric cars.

Unloved Replacements

The plans to go electric with the Jaguar range includes the rather unloved Jaguar XJ model, and a full-on luxury saloon is expected to replace it in the next 24 months. This is going to serve as a competitor for the Porsche Taycan. The new Jaguar XJ is going to be as strong as the 1967 original, with the addition of segment-leading refinement and a look to the future with a total reinvention of the classic Jaguar interior. The new XJ is thought to be dripping with luxury in every sense of the word, with a zero-pollution alternative to the S-Class by Mercedes-Benz.

Jaguar has the power to produce electric cars that are environmentally minded, with a larger profitability per car than the lower segments. The modern-day private hire drivers fit perfectly with the new electric car brief, with the ability to enter low-emission zones throughout cities.

Model This

The current Jaguar XE and XF ranges are due to be replaced by an electric crossover come 2023, which is slightly bigger than the E-tron vehicle offered by Audi. A new I-Pace vehicle is set to arrive in place of the E-Pace and F-Pace models, as these are to be phased out by 2025. By 2026, Jaguar could be an all-electric brand, with only the original J-Pace luxury crossover still standing by 2027. There are not any plans currently for an F-Type replacement, but an electric Jaguar sports car is a current possibility.

There are reports suggesting that an electric line-up of four or five models of Jaguar could be sold in as many as 300,000 units per year with higher retail prices while surfing a rising trend in the luxury vehicle market. The luxury vehicle market is looking at the ways it can switch to the battery powered electric market and in doing so, the move would provide a big reduction in fuel economy.

Everyone wants to take on the giant that is Tesla, and those that do can see the benefits in electric motors over the internal combustion engines that we have today, and Jaguar is the latest in a list of brands to be interested. Replacing those internal combustion engines in the next five to ten years is the goal, and the new electric XJ mentioned earlier could be a huge step up from the current model in looks as well as powertrain.

Of course, plans could change drastically in the next ten years, but if Jaguar really are concerned with following the trend, their sales will dictate whether going all-electric is a good idea. Contact us today to find out more about our range of Jaguar models.

Jaguar I Pace

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