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Are you thinking about investing in a car for some off-road fun? If so, the Land Rover Evoque could be a perfect choice. The vehicle is fully kitted out for fun off-road and on a variety of different terrains. Yes, this car is a fully functional four-wheel drive vehicle, ready to take you on the toughest slopes and most difficult tracks. It even has a six-speed manual gearbox so you can take full control in different conditions and choose your driving style. But how does this really handle when you head out of the city and off the beaten track?

Fantastic Traction

When you take a car off the road, you do need to think in terms of traction control. You’ll be pleased to hear that the 2.2-litre diesel engine provides plenty of power. So, you’ll be able to get the car out of a variety of sticky scrapes that you might find yourself in. The bottom line is that you’ll never get stuck in a car like this and you will love how matter of fact this car is at handling those types of situations.

Comfort Guaranteed

You might hate feeling every jolt and bump when going off-road. It’s quite common for a four by four to still alert you of a rock underneath by a nasty bump and a surprisingly poor suspension. That’s not the case at all in the Evoque. When you enter the cockpit, you’ll find that it’s set up like a sports car rather than a rough and tough vehicle. It’s sleek and it’s designed to provide a blanket cushion for everyone inside. This is perfect if you love going off road but don’t like hitting your head on the roof when you go over a bump. Even a large dip will barely be felt in this beautiful machine.

A Few Precious Seconds

When you first experience going off-road in the Evoque for yourself, you’ll wonder whether any of this is actually true. That’s because the Evoque doesn’t seamlessly make the switch to the off-road mode, unless you switch it on manually. This can make the transition a little bumpy until the automatic terrain response system kicks into gear. Sensors on each side of the vehicle alert the car when it’s time to do this at which point you get the full benefit of the MagneRide suspension. Shock absorbers become fully functional, dampening any bump that you would otherwise feel.

Ultimately, you can then get the full power of the off-road capabilities. The system is actually capable of altering the balance for the rear and front axles. This provides a way to ensure that the ride is soft and provides the right level of body movement.

The bottom line then is that if you’d love to get your hands behind the wheel of the Land Rover Evoque but are worried how it will drive off the road, there’s no need. While there might be a short, bump between tarmac and a rough surface once you get going, you’re going to love every moment you spend in this vehicle on those dirt tracks. Contact us to find out more.

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