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AIR Index emission tests reveal Jaguar vehicles as an 'A' rating: the highest possible rating

In recent news, a newly launched AIR Index - an independent emissions testing procedure - revealed the results of a range of manufacturer vehicles, measured against a rating system for NOx (Nitrous Oxcide) emissions. Amongst the vehicles tested was a Jaguar E-PACE D180 AWD engine, which received the highest possible rating in the NOx test. The 'A' rating has gained considerable coverage in the media, due to assumptions leading consumers to believe a large SUV such as the E-PACE would be amongst the lowest rated vehicles in the test.

Recently, the automotive industry has undergone changes with regards to the standard testing procedure for providing fuel efficiency ratings. The new WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure), provides a more accurate fuel efficiency rating for petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid vehicles. However, the brand were confident these new figures provided by the WLTP would only further highlight the outstanding technology and design for their vehicles.

Jaguar E-PACE

The Jaguar E-PACE D180 AWD engine, achieved an official CO2 of 158 and an AIR Index 'A' Rating, meaning the levels of NOx were between 0 - 80 mg/km - the best possible rating - which is achieved using the latest technology to improve air quality in towns and cities.

As a brand, this is an outstanding achievement and will help Jaguar continue their commitment to delivering ever-lower emissions and reduce confusion over the cleanliness of diesel engines: caused by a focus on older diesel engines and their place on our roads. These debates often fail to highlight the difference between these older diesel combustion engines and the most recent Euro 6 (EU6)* engines which were introduced in 2015. These new figures from AIR Index will help outline Jaguar's outstanding capability, innovative technologies, and award winning design. 

Jaguar E-PACE

In order to help reduce consumer confusion there will now be 'AIR' labelling with the A rating for the Jaguar E-PACE on our website. Jaguar website visitors will also be able to click on a link and find out more information about the AIR Index. Jaguar aim to independently test all models and engine specifications, in order to reassure customers that they have the lowest possible NOx emissions. However, for the time being the latest AIR Index results are a positive key step for Jaguar as they head towards RDE2 certification.

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* Euro 6 (EU6) is a piece of European legislation aimed at making cars more environmentally friendly by limiting their exhaust emissions. The legislation sets restrictions on emissions, including nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulates and hydrocarbon gases that may be emitted per mile by a road vehicle. All of Land Rover's new vehicles are EU6 compliant and are even exempt from the Ultra Low Emission Zone daily charge (ULEZ) proposed by Transport for London in the UK.

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