Jaguar Mk 2

The Jaguar Mk 2 Sport Saloon Marks 60th Anniversary With Unique Rankin Photography

In aid of the legendary Jaguar Mk 2 Sports Saloon marking its 60th anniversary this year, the luxury brand is celebrating with a special set of photographs in order to pay homage to one of the world’s best saloon cars.

The internationally renowned fashion and style photographer Rankin, is part of a unique partnership with Jaguar, designed to capture and celebrate the character of the Jaguar XF, XE and Mk 2.

The final instalment of the photography focuses on the classic Jaguar Mk 2. Rankin created ‘Period Drama’ for the Mk 2 which is featured in a bespoke white-out room with a stunning black polka dot pattern.

“The Jaguar Mk 2 is a very special car – undeniably beautiful and well-proportioned. I wanted to create something that celebrated the Mk 2’s form and its heritage, but also had a thoroughly modern edge to it. That’s why I chose to use polka dots.”

Rankin, Photographer

“Polka dots are perfect for the Mk 2. They can be wistfully nostalgic, and they also have a modern currency that makes them a timeless classic. Rankin has managed to produce a truly stand-out creation. It’s elegant and has a captivating charm that we all appreciate at Jaguar.”

Julian Thomson, Jaguar Design Director

The Mk 2 model which is featured is a Dark Blue 3.8-litre manual from the Jaguar Classic Collection. The brand house an active vehicle collection at its Classic Works facility in Coventry, as well as Jaguar Classic offering sales, servicing and restoration expertise and parts, in order to keep the brands cherished masterpieces on the road for forthcoming generations to appreciate.

With its daring design, elegant curves and exciting XK-derived six-cylinder engines – including the range topping 3.8-litre delivering 220bhp and a remarkable top speed of 125mph – the Jaguar Mk 2 became an overnight sensation after its launch in 1959 at the Earls Court Motor Show in London.

What’s more, the Jaguar Mk 2 was extremely competitive on the racetrack, scoring countless saloon car victories in the hands of greats such as Roy Salvadori and Graham Hill.

For more information on the Jaguar Mk2, please contact Harwoods Jaguar today.

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