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As an approved UK Jaguar dealer, Harwoods are always keeping a check on the latest models entering the market. Recently, Jaguar has announced significant changes for the Jaguar F-Type. The new model will be released in 2020 and spy shots have already provided info on the type of changes that fans and new buyers can expect next year.

A Sleek Design

Jaguar has always been known for hitting the mark when it comes to creating a beautiful aesthetic with their vehicles. We know that the F-type is definitely going to continue this trend thanks to reveals from an artist’s impression of the vehicle. Ultimately what we’re going to get is a sleeker design that looks more modern. Headlights will be horizontal and slim.

It still looks like the F-type but it’s a more futuristic design. That’s to be expected because Jaguar is hoping that this model is going to be popular until the end of the next decade. For those who love the current convertible F-Type, you’re not going to be disappointed. We’re sure there will be both a soft-top and coupe available. So, if you do love taking the top down in the summer, this one could certainly be a good choice for you.


The car is going to be lighter than the previous model leading to a significant change in performance. However, drivers can also expect a fresh, modern engine that will provide increased efficiency. There will still be four-cylinder models available and a 4.4 litre 560bhp twin-turbo V8. This is going to replace the 5.0 litre V8 that was originally provided by Ford. The new engine comes from the clever creators at BMW.

As for the placement of the engine, this car is still expected to have it positioned at the front of the vehicle. While Jaguar is supposedly toying with a mid-engine layout this won’t be the F-type. Similarly, the new vehicle will not be purely electric. Although, an F-type with this type of engine could release as early as 2023. Due to constant changes in battery tech, it’s currently unclear what type of engine build this would have.

More Practical?

Latest reports suggest that this new Jag is going to lean towards the design of the popular Porsche 911. This does mean an increased level of practicality and crucially, a possible two + two structure. It seems as though there might be one built with two seats and one with four but this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

The bottom line then is that the F-type is currently five years old so it’s certainly due an upgrade. We think drivers will be delighted with the new option when it hits the market next year. If you’re interested in learning more about the new Jaguar F-Type or perhaps test driving one of the current models available on the market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Harwoods have been selling Jags for years and a friendly member of our sales team will be happy to help with your next car purchase, contact Harwoods Jaguar for details.

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