Land Rover Announces New Defender V8

Land Rover have just announced the latest variant of their new Defender, and it’s the V8 that we’ve all been waiting for. The previous range-topping engine for Defender was a 400 bhp mild hybrid setup, now it’s a 5.0 litre V8.

Defender 90 & 110 V8 

The 5.0 litre V8 that has formed the very pinnacle of the Jaguar Land Rover range is now coming to the Defender. The same 525 bhp supercharged engine from the Range Rover Sport SVR is now being used in the Defender 90 and Defender 110, suiting those who want a bit more practicality and those who prefer the traditional Defender 90 style.

A Distinct Presence

Previous versions of the Defender V8 were rather understated - often the only way to tell the difference was by hearing a distinct V8 growl on start-up. Not that the new Defender V8 shouts about its range-topping engine, but there are some obvious styling cues that are unique to the V8 variant. A quad tailpipe exhaust, blue front brake callipers and 22 inch grey alloys are the giveaways from outside, and inside there is an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel with chrome gearshift paddles

Suspension Tweaking

Naturally, Land Rover wouldn’t just drop a huge 5.0 litre V8 into a vehicle the size of Defender without paying careful thought and attention to the handling of this new powerhouse. Expertly developed suspension is being used specifically for the Defender V8, with a bespoke spring and damper setup and a new Electronic Active Rear Differential for a more agile and engaging feel that better suits the high-output engine. Terrain Response 2 has also received some bespoke calibration to suit the lively nature of Land Rover’s V8. 


Although the mild hybrid variant of the Defender is no slouch, the Defender V8 brings some not-so-surprising boosts to those figures. Thanks to a slick 8-speed transmission, 0-60 mph now takes just 4.9s with a top speed of 149 mph, something that Defenders of old could only dream of. Peak torque is at 625 NM, more than enough for towing pretty much anything you could possibly need. 


Pricing will start at £98,505 for the Defender 90 V8 and £101,150 for the Defender 110 V8. It is available to order straight away, so get in touch with one of our sales specialists below to place your order.

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