Four Marks Supercar Owners Club Review The McLaren GT

Earlier in the year, Harwoods and Four Marks Supercar Owners Club announced their new partnership. The Four Marks Supercar Owners Club was formed in Hampshire in 2015, allowing owners of modern or heritage supercars to meet up at convoy events throughout the year.

As part of their partnership, McLaren New Forest offered club member Tony G the opportunity to experience the power and luxury of the McLaren GT. Tony who drives a Maserati GranTurismo, experienced the McLaren GT first hand as he drove it round the countryside and Henley-on-Thames on a glorious July day.  

“I’ve driven a few cars in my life, the most powerful being 400bhp. However, nothing prepared me for the 612 bhp delivered by the addictive twin turbo V8 McLaren GT.” 

First Impressions

Firstly, the model's outstanding looks turned heads as Tony drove around Henley-on-Thames: "People outside bars and pubs enjoying the summer heat would pause mouth open to look." Inside, the luxurious design contiued to impress, starting with the doors "opening wide and up in the a giant resting butterfly" and the generous use of glass making the cabin feel "bright and spacious" as soon as he stepped inside. The model's leather tan and cream seats not only look exceptional but are fully electric, heated and feature lumbar support for ultimate comfort. 

Driver Experience

The GT's cabin has been crafted to provide ultimate driver convenience, as Tony discovered: "The steering wheel was the smallest of any other car I've driven, yet the controls were clear and easily accessible. The accelerator and brake pedals were close together and slightly to the left, which took a bit of getting used to."

Speaking about the practicality of the GT, Tony commented "looking out the front I had an excellent view even though I was sitting quite low to the ground. The door mirrors were thankfully large enough so I could see well. Even though the tailgate is heavily tinted, I could see behind unless I was carrying a set of golf clubs. Yes, the GT is a hatchback, designed to accommodate luggage in the back"


The McLaren GT is renowned for its exhilarating performance, but Tony perfectly explained it as a "roarrrrr, followed closely by a chuckle and an ear-to-ear grin."

Explaining further about the model's performance, Tony commented "the hisses and sighs the car made gave me the feeling that is a living thing, which I liked alot. The brakes were very firm, not aggresive, providing feedback up through the pedal. The only way I could describe the feedback through the steering wheel would be that of a go-kart. Although there was power assisted steering, I could sense every crack and dimple in the road through my fingertips."

Final Verdict

"Woud I buy it? As hard as I try, I can't fault it. However, the McLaren GT is beyond my budget at the moment and that's the one major thig that's stopping me. However, I think I'll keep a very close eye on the used market! This car is aimed to turn anyone looking to buy a DB11, so if you are one of those people, I'd recommend giving the McLaren GT a go. 

Read Tony’s full personal review and experience of the McLaren GT here

For more information on the McLaren GT and to book your test drive today, please contact McLaren New Forest. 

Experience The McLaren GT at McLaren New Forest

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