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McLaren 765LT - The Reviews Are In

The very first media review day of the McLaren 765LT recently took place at Silverstone, where journalists were able to test drive this exciting new model.

The 765LT comes five years after the release of the 675LT, showcasing exceptional attributes such as high driving engagement, minimised weight, track-focused dynamics, optimised aerodynamics an increased power. It is also the first car that includes some carbon fibre elements (bespoke aerodynamic features, panels, ‘Longtail’ active rear wing), manufactured at the McLaren Composites Technology Centre in Sheffield.

Don't take our word for it, read a selection of media reviews below:

“McLaren’s latest Long Tail fulfils its brief in once again pushing the supercar to the next level, the 765LT has just to prove its magic on the road now. […] McLaren’s LT cars have usually worked terrifically well on-road. This new car should be no exception – if it is, it could be one of the all-time greats.”


“You’re hard-wired into what the car does, so you react to it quickly. The steering is superbly detailed, the rate of response is just right and the grip plus the excellent brake feel – helped by the Senna-spec front calipers – is key to the car’s handling. You can trail the brakes and drive the car hard, deep into the corner, lean on the huge grip, and punch away from the exit using the engine’s grunt, short shifting if you need to control wheelspin and improve traction, such is the massive mid-range punch.”

- Auto Express

“There's such a stable platform when you hurl it into a bend it feels like a racing machine. There's no heart-in-mouth moment as you turn in and wait for the body to lean onto the outer springs - it just rolls fractionally and darts into the bend, neutral, poised and stable. And those familiar McLaren attributes are present and correct. […] I'm afraid I can't tell you the first thing about how it performs on the road. Right now, though, I reckon it's the supercar of choice for people who worry such things have gone soft.”

- Pistonheads

“Longtail treatment puts a deliciously sharp edge on the 720S’ handling, and adds startling track pace and deeper driver appeal. On-road manners remain an unknown, but the rest of the package is formidable. You get the feeling here, possibly for the first time, that Woking cared significantly more about how much fun this car was ready to provide, and how many different ways and environments it could be driven and enjoyed in, than how quickly it went.”

- Autocar

“I know I say this a lot with McLaren products, but they've gone and done it again. It is gob-smacking on a track. It destroys a lap."


“This is a car that I’ve anticipated for so long; I’ve waited for the better part of a year to have a go in one of these because I think this could be the finest supercar we’ve seen possibly ever.”

 - Autotrader

“What this revealed is a car that is not simply fast, but incredibly drivable. On the P Zeros it was hilarious how much you could have it moving around and not just in the slow corners, either. Then with the track dry, the switch was made to the more aggressive Pirelli Trofeo R tyres. These instantly got rid of the bit of squirm you could feel under braking and added more bite and edge to the grip in the corners. But happily the whole car still retained its drivability and sense of fun. What a thing. They have nailed it with this.”

- Carfection

Find out more about the McLaren 765LT or contact our team at McLaren New Forest today for more information.

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