McLaren Aftersales: Come in on your next lap

‘Hi, McLaren New Forest, this is Jon’

‘Hey Jon, Charlie’

‘Hi Charlie, perfect timing. How was Spain?

‘Good thanks, golf was superb, got back last night. Just wondered how it was going?

‘Going great. I’ve just finished the service, everything is as it should be, I’m really happy with it. I went out for a test run this morning to check the handling, made a few adjustments for you. I’ve also taken care of the warranty work whilst I have the car. All done, nothing for you to think about.’

‘Awesome, thanks Jon. You impress yet again. I’ve been looking forward to getting back behind the wheel.’

‘No worries Charlie, it will be delivered back this afternoon, charged and refreshed ready’.

You already know your McLaren is a special machine; you’ve invested your time, money and passion into it, and you know that to keep your precision engineered McLaren running at optimal performance levels, you will want to make a pit stop now and again.

So, what makes McLaren New Forest your perfect choice for aftersales service? It could be the purposely created McLaren tooled facility, maintained to the highest standards, as you would expect. And how about having your own pit team, dedicated and reassuringly obsessed McLaren trained engineers who genuinely feel the same way about your car as you do.

Your personal Crew Chief is Jon. By now you feel you know Jon and how he works, and that he is there to personally pick up your call any time you need him. You trust Jon to get the best out of your car, keeping it running as intended when it left the MTC. Thinking of him as being like your F1 race engineer, you know that if Jon doesn’t look happy, your car won’t be leaving the workshop. It feels good knowing you have a partner to take care of your McLaren experience. You are interested in the details, but don’t need to manage them yourself. You feel connected.

Jon is there, and you are here, there is a distance. Choices: you can drive to our facility at Totton, or take advantage of the Harwoods collect and return service with our dedicated low loader, because let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t free up the schedule. This is a complimentary service which frees you up, and you appreciate that.

As we said, your McLaren is your special machine, and you like to know where it’s at, embraced, protected. This is why you are reassured that if your McLaren is staying with us, it is securely hidden away, protected by systems we can’t mention here, but part of it involves lasers. You love that.

‘Hi Charlie, Jon’

‘Hi Jon, really pleased with the work. Running great. What’s up?’

‘Thanks Charlie. Just wanted to let you know that if you wanted to make the pit stop yourself next time, I’ve got the MSO high downforce kit to show you. It’s pretty awesome.’

Your McLaren journey continues…

You can discover the unique Harwoods aftersales experience, and have your own pit crew chief, by contacting our aftersales team today on 02380 084773.

Keep driving with passion, and come in on the next lap.

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