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How Much is a McLaren P1?

Are you thinking about investing in a sports car, you might want to consider the McLaren P1? This vehicle was designed to be the ultimate high-performance speedster with the incredible looks to match. So, how much will it cost you to own one of these beauties?

The P1 Uncovered

This was designed as the spiritual successor of the legend that is the F1. The limited-edition ultimate supercar was kitted out with a twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 engine as well as electric power. It was one of the world’s fastest cars and like the Porsche 918 brought in the new generation of hybrid hyper sports cars.

375 P1s were built with production running from October 2013 to December 2015. 21 of the pre-production as well as the experimental vehicles were sold to the public to cope with an incredible level of demand.

In 2016, McLaren added further hype with 58 P1 GTR vehicles that would be produced. These ‘track day’ specials were made with 5 LM variants and were not road legal. Instead, they were created only for the track.


Faster than lightning, the McLaren P1 is purported to go from 0-62 in just 2.8 seconds. It can hit 124 in 6.8 seconds and has a blistering speed of 217 miles per hour. While this won’t be possible on the roads, it does mean that you get an incredible level of performance even driving normally and fluid handling that feels like a dream.

How Much?

Well, when they were initially announced these cars sold at £886,000. However, three-quarters of the customers that bought these cars decided that they wanted McLaren Special Operations to complete custom touches to the vehicle. This pushed the cost up to approximately £1million per car.

Today, these cars are considered prizes for collectors as well as those who are desperate to get their hands on one. So, now, they can sell for double the initial price. These cars come up for sale quite regularly, so if you’re eager to purchase one, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on dealerships like ours.

The special one track-only GTR version of this vehicle is even more expensive and can sell for upwards of £5million.

How Does This Cost Compare to The F1?

You might be aware of the original F1. This was an iconic vehicle and it certainly cost considerably more than what a P1 is worth on the market, even today. The F1 originally sold for over ten times the asking price of the P1. It’s even been reported that one sold for a tremendous £30,000,000 somewhere in the world.

If you want to find out more about high-performance vehicles like the McLaren P1, you’re interested in making a purchase or curious about a test drive, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. At Hardwoods group, we have been the leading motor dealership in the South of England for over 80 years and proud representatives of McLaren. Our friendly team is always happy to help new customers.

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