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The high performance and exhilarating McLaren range is always certain to turn heads on the road. With their unique styling and sports performance, many people would love to experience driving a McLaren first hand. Before we entered lockdown in March, renowned car fanatics, press and magazine publishers borrowed a selection of McLaren models, find out their thoughts below and explore the McLaren range for yourself. 

McLaren 720S - A week with the 720S

McLaren 720S

Motoring Research has revisited its review of the 720S Coupé, which followed a week spent with the car.

"Spending seven days with the 720S was rewarding and revealing. During its time in our care, the McLaren tackled lengthy commutes, school runs, M25 tailbacks, London gridlock and even, yes, the odd B-road blast – and never felt less than sensationally special.

"Three years after launch, this is still our benchmark supercar. Driving it for seven days makes one weak." – Motoring Research

Staying with the 720S, it’s worth watching this very entertaining Sky F1 feature in which McLaren Formula 1 drivers Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris take the 720S on track at Barcelona during pre-season testing.

Explore the McLaren 720S

McLaren GT - GT Spirit takes the McLaren GT on tour

McLaren GT

Just before Europe went into lockdown, GT Spirit took the McLaren GT on a short trip across the channel to Bruges in order to assess its continent-crossing capabilities:

"Boarding the train back to the UK gives me another chance to reflect and relish another quick nap. This is a GT car, it can do journeys like the one I was about to complete, but it will do it in its own McLaren style. It will get you to your favourite road with a boot full of luggage, then challenge you and blow your mind when you unleash its turbocharged fury. Buyers of a McLaren GT will treasure that high adrenaline, intense offering that no other GT car can offer. This is the drivers GT and the trade-off is obvious, it is unashamedly McLaren and for that I cannot help but admire it." GT Spirit

Explore the McLaren GT

McLaren 600LT Spider - EVO review the 600LT Spider

McLaren 600LT Spider

EVO magazine has featured the 600LT Spider twice recently;  – and a short piece on road racers in this month’s issue in which David Vivian says the coupé is "The 600LT is also the best-handling car I’ve ever driven" – the website has published an updated review. Adding a UK drive to its review of the car at launch last year, it remains a five-star car.

"Feedback through the steering wheel is outstanding: you really can feel exactly the road’s surface beneath you and the car always feels hyper agile and immediate, without being nervous, while the sturdy brake pedal feel and iron-grip damping composure breed immediate confidence. Despite its enormous performance it’s surprising how quickly you grow to trust the car’s reactions, and how willing you soon are to peel back the ESP net and feel it moving around beneath you." - EVO

Explore the McLaren 600LT Spider

MSO Elva - Reviewed by TopGear, Autocar & Motor1

MSO Elva

McLaren Special Operations recently unveiled the first few designs for the new Ultimate Series Elva, which has caught the eye of UK media – here are a few examples:

"The McLaren Elva is a £1.4m, 804bhp, roofless, windscreenless supercar. It already belongs in the top one per cent of stunning and striking road cars. So, just how on earth do you improve it? Well, McLaren’s Special Ops team seem to have found the answer. This is the ‘Elva M1A Theme by MSO’." – Top Gear

"Finished in a distinctive shade of ‘Anniversary Orange’, the Elva M6A Theme by MSO has been created in tribute to company founder Bruce McLaren’s iconic M6A, with which he won the 1967 Can-Am Challenge Cup.The one-off special edition's motorsport-inspired livery incorporates a subtle grey racing stripe along the sides, a retro-inspired ‘McLaren Cars’ logo and Bruce McLaren’s signature. The prominent '4' decal is a reference to the Kiwi’s long-standing race number." – Autocar

"You could paint the McLaren Elva in the most boring colours out there and it would still look great from every possible angle. The retro-flavoured speedster with its sleek shape is unlike any other car from Woking before it, and while its appearance is futuristic, the windscreen-less supercar is actually a nod to the past." - Motor1

Explore the McLaren Elva

McLaren 765LT - Leads the weight race

McLaren 765LT

With hybrid and electric drivetrains becoming ever more common, the importance of light weight has become increasingly important. McLaren Automotive CEO, Mike Flewitt recently renewed our commitment to building light weight cars in a recent statement, a philosophy that is distilled in the new 765LT, and one which has garnered approval from Top Gear Magazine’s website:

"No doubt sounding like a lot of common sense – and something TG has long held to be true, that the lighter a performance car is, the better it becomes – it still feels good to hear that manufacturers are actively pursuing the motoring equivalent of two per cent body fat and a six pack."TopGear

Explore the McLaren 765LT

For more information on the McLaren range, please contact McLaren New Forest today. 

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