Plug in Hybrid. One small step towards a fully electric world.

Now here we are... The Range Rover Evoque And Land Rover Discovery Sport Plug in Hybrid (PHEV)

What does it all mean?

PHEV models combine internal combustion engines with an electric motor which in turn optimises efficiency and performance.

A plug-in hybrid uses the engine as a plan B. If plan A fails and the electric motor runs out of power, the engine will have your back.

How it all works…

The 1.5 litre petrol engine powers the front wheels. A powerful alternator then creates extra energy to feed the battery, which then powers the rear wheels.

Simply drive it as you would a normal Petrol car and charge it when you get home. Charging at home (AC charging) can be done on a three-pin plug socket, or you can of course use public charging points, if you would prefer.

Charging can vary by model but the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque PHEV can be left to charge over night at home, or on direct current (DC) charging for approx. 3 hours.

Just a heads up….

Using power from the national grid is always AC. The difference between AC charging and DC charging is the location where the AC power gets converted - inside or outside the car. Unlike AC chargers, a DC charger has the converter inside the charger itself. This means it can feed power directly to the car's battery and does not need the onboard charger to convert it. DC chargers are bigger and noticeably much faster.

A reminder about Regenerative Braking….

Electric motors consume energy to provide motion. When this motion is no longer needed, for example when the vehicle is slowing down, the braking force can be utilised to reverse the action of the motor and generate electricity. This is known as regenerative braking and the electricity generated can then be fed back to the battery. Potentially, the range of an electric vehicle can be extended by over 10% through regenerated electricity!

The Range Rover Evoque PHEV – Key Features:

  • Distinctive coupe-like silhouette
  • Contemporary interior
  • CO2 from 44 g/km
  • BIK tax rate from 10%

As the electric motor drives the rear wheels, the new Range Rover Evoque PHEV comes with four-wheel drive as standard. Every Evoque PHEV has a focus on the in-car technology, Pivi and Pivi Pro, information at a glance and Meridian Surround Sound system.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport PHEV – Key Features:

  • Capability with composure
  • Clever storage solutions
  • CO2 from 44 g/km
  • BIK tax rate from 10%

Focuses on design with its distinct contours and perfectly balanced proportions. It will certainly bring out the adventurer in you. Just imagine, you, the family, muddy boots and the dog in the back, heading out on your next adventure. Wherever that may take you.

Random fact

The first ever Hybrid vehicle was produced in the 1900s. It was far too expensive to mass produce, but the engineering helped to inspire NASA in the 1970’s with a Lunar Roving vehicle.

In Summary

The Range Rover Evoque And Land Rover Discovery Sport Plug in Hybrids are packed full of mind-blowing technology and class leading designs at the forefront, ensuring a confident drive like no other.

Our Teams are here to help and have all the answers you will need to help you in your PHEV journey.

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