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The Range Rover Evoque remains a Stylish and Accomplished choice with a winning formula

Ultra clean surfaces with panels of unnecessary creases. The lights and handles lie almost obsessively flush but with much more depth and details. Proportions enclose a longer wheelbase, good for the people inside.

First, the styling

You have a car that has the distinctiveness of its predecessor but making it completely contemporary!

What about the infotainment?

The infotainment pixels look great and work well. From the mid trim upwards, it becomes JLR’s Touch pro Duo system with 2 central screens, one above the other. You will be pleased to hear Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are very well-integrated.


They do not mess with the shape much, but the lengthened wheelbase shows this is not just a re-shape of the old. It is all about the base making it ride and handle better, moseying along more quietly and it also embraces the added technology.

It’s made mostly of steel, why not Aluminum I hear you ask? Aluminium sections are huge compared to steel ones, and that wouldn’t have worked well when space is in-demand. Not just for people, boot, fuel tank and wheels – all of which have grown – but also for new hybrid batteries. Almost all new Evoque’s (except the base diesel) get a 48-volt mild hybrid system. A year after launch a full plug-in hybrid, with a smaller three-cylinder engine, arrives.

On the road

There is great satisfaction from the way the Evoque responds to your every demand. Around town it is silent and willing, once out on the open road performance is very effective.

The nine-speed automatic gearbox is far better calibrated than when it first turned up in the last Evoque and it plays well when you use the paddle shifts.

In corners, you just steer, and the Evoque kindly sorts things out for you. Mid-corner bumps do not bother it either which is a big plus on most of our roads. The lovely view out is a blessing on country B-roads, just as in cities too.

Curiosity of the Engine of achievement:

CO2 outputs range between 143 & 186g/km

150 to 300bhp

2.0L four cylinder

With a wade 600mm depth (previously 500mm, just keep swimming)

New Evoque and Evoque PHEV models, discover a whole new world of possibilities!

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By Tracy Davis 

Group Marketing 

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