Second-generation Range Rover Evoque will have PHEV Powertrain

At the Harwoods Group we’re serious about sustainability. We work with some of the world’s finest brands including Audi, Jaguar and, of course, Land Rover to bring our customers unparalleled choice when it comes to choosing the right PHEV hybrid and electric passenger cars to suit their needs. In the last few years we’ve seen a number of exciting innovations across the board when it comes to high class vehicles driving (pun intended) the push towards sustainability. We’ve seen brand new vehicles enter our showrooms as well as new electric and hybrid reincarnations of old favourites.

Here we’re going to look at something we think is going to be truly special, the second-generation Range Rover Evoque with PHEV Powertrain. 

Why go hybrid for your next Range Rover?

We’ve been supplying vehicles to happy customers all over the south of England for over 80 years. We’ve learned a thing or two about understanding our customers’ needs. We’ve helped generations of discerning customers to find the perfect Range Rover for them. We understand that customers who buy Land Rover vehicles have especially robust performance needs. Many live in remote or rural areas or on rugged terrain and need a vehicle that will give them powerful performance when they need it.

The great news is that when customers choose a Range Rover Evoque with a PHEV Powertrain they needn’t sacrifice any of the performance that they expect from a Land Rover. With an output of 404PS, and CO2 emissions from just 71g/km‡ drivers can have the best of both worlds. 

Everything you expect from the Evoque and more!

The second-generation Evoque uses a combination of an advanced 2.0 litre 300PS Si4 Ingenium petrol engine and a high capacity 105kW electric motor. The net result is robust performance with unparalleled fuel economy. In EV mode it’s capable of delivering up to 48km of continuous driving from a single charge with zero carbon emissions.

What’s more, regenerative braking stores kinetic energy that is built up when the brakes are applied and redistributes it for greater economy. The new Evoque also seamlessly selects and blends the engine and electric motor functions to deliver peak performance combined with complete efficiency.

Needless to say, you still get all of the wonderful features that you expect from the Evoque. You’ll still get powerful assistive technologies like Terrain Response 2, Wade Sensing and Hill Descent Control for perfectly smooth driving no matter the terrain. Not to mention the space, comfort and luxury you’d expect in the interior.

Why you can trust Harwoods Group

We don’t pretend to be the biggest privately-owned automotive retail group in the country. We haven’t set our sights on national expansion. Instead, we’ve concentrated all of our efforts on giving customers across the South East the very best experience possible when it comes to choosing and servicing their vehicles. We’re a family owned business that keeps to the standards and ideals upon which it was founded almost 90 years ago. We employ over 900 people in the area and train them to the highest standards to ensure that they deliver the highest standards in customer care. We work extremely closely with a select few prestige brands to bring discerning motorists throughout the south of England the ultimate driving experience.

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