Be the one: not only the lead single from Dua Lipa’s 2017 eponymous debut studio album, but you could also say it is a state of mind, being connected in a positive way, the chosen one. Wow, ok, so that was a deep and meaningful start, but read on and I will explain why it is relevant here.

Recently, I’ve arrived at a few realisations, with one being that while there are many things I continue to want, I feel more determined than ever for them to be of a certain quality. The old adage: less is more, is perhaps where I am at, maybe, but for sure I know I want decisions to have been made in a more appraised way. Naturally this thought process lends itself perfectly to perusing the Audi range, from which I couldn’t go wrong in the quality stakes. But where to start? Well, where most people start, budget, and in my case whether it would afford me the Audi experience.

Presenting the Audi A1, the most affordable Audi in the range which promises to be a compact piece of Audi precision. So far so good, but would it be the one?

Well to start with, as with most relationships, it is the first impression, or the first visual encounter which gives you some idea as to whether this will work. And the A1 does not disappoint, with its crisp lines and wholeheartedly Audi styling indicating you are buying in to the complete Audi package. At this point I should probably mention that despite my previous thought-provoking reference to ‘less is more’, I shall now temporarily ditch that concept in favour of being able to choose from an engaging broad selection of variants. In the case of the A1, this equates to seven variations which are (deep breath): the Technik, Sport, S Line, S Line Competition, S Line Style Edition (which already sounds perfect for me, even if I say so myself), and the Vorsprung. These form the Sportback range, and then there is another, the Citycarver which is a styled along the lines of high-riding SUVs with specific features to match. More on that in a minute.

Let’s start with what these models have in common; the iconic four circles on the distinctly Audi front grill indicating that what lies beneath will literally provide Vorsprung durch Technik (advancement through technology, although this phrase is actually an overriding philosophy). Sitting alongside are LED headlights which illuminate with a beam closer to natural daylight. LED lights also feature on the rear, along with sweeping motion dynamic indicators. All very cool.

Another common trait of this compact car is the nimble handling and agility delivered by responsive engines and dynamic suspension. Moving up the model range to the S Line and Vorsprung enables further adjustment of handling characteristics with Sports suspension and Audi Drive Select. This system allows you to adjust the engine, transmission and steering to suit your requirements. I think I might be in love.

Inside you have the 8.8” MMI digital touch screen with smartphone interface at your fingertips, with the 10.25” Digital Cockpit set behind the multi-function leather steering wheel. Everything you need to deliver instructions and receive feedback for effortless driving, only better, sharper, crisper and all other words associated with the quality you expect from Audi. The A1 delivers technology to not only connect but provide assistance and reassurance on every trip you take. Parking sensors for, yes doing that, but more interestingly Audi’s Pre-sense which detects vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in front, warns of danger and initiates emergency breaking if necessary. Lane departure warning and driver assistance (cruise control) are fitted as standard.

It’s all good, and I am close to announcing that the A1 might be the one. Everyone’s needs are different, and decisions are subjective, and so with this in mind I will move to looking across the range at two variations which stand out for me. The S Line Style Edition and the A1 Citycarver. The S Line is simply stunning to look at, with larger 18” polished-bronze alloys, contrasting roof and body paints, and privacy glass. As the brochure says, ‘it really makes a statement that’s hard to ignore’. Music to my ears.

However, the A1 Citycarver is an interesting and unique proposition. Styling features such as chunky wheel arch mouldings, air inlets and diffusers, with underbody protection all providing rugged looks. And all this sitting on suspension raised 4cm over the Sportback. This is a car in its own class, as is the A1 range as whole.

The Audi A1 is attainable and appealing for so many reasons which fit perfectly with modern living, and so in conclusion, should the compact Audi A1 be the one? Well, as Dua Lipa said in ‘Be The One’: oh, baby come on, let me get to know you.

Get to know the Audi A1 by visiting our showrooms at Five Oaks, Portsmouth, Southampton, and excitingly now Crawley which has joined the Harwoods Group.

Audi A1 – Style meets versatility.

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