No such thing as a straight line

No such thing as a straight line? Let me explain. We all know that the shortest distance between A and B is a straight line, but there are two issues with this. One, it is boring. Two, when driving there is no such thing as a straight line. From the moment you achieve momentum, external forces are interacting with you and your car, forcing constant correction and adjustment down to the finest detail. And of course, back to point one, driving the breathtaking Jaguar F-Type guarantees the corners will always be as invigorating as you wish them to be.

So where do we start? Well, from the moment you push the start button, your F-Type erupts into life with the Active Sports Exhaust providing a satisfying Jaguar growl. Ok, so this isn’t a feature specific to getting from A to B, but it would be remiss of me not to set the scene, acoustically speaking. You can do this yourself with the optional exhaust button on the centre console which opens the exhaust valves wider for, well shall we say, heightened acoustics.

We’re on our journey now and so it is time to consider the conditions and how we intend to drive, for the F-Type provides three intuitive drive modes: Sport, Dynamic (read as “let’s rachet up the exhilaration”) and Rain, Ice, Snow. Select Dynamic from the fighter jet inspired ergonomic control and the suspension is stiffened, the exhaust note shifts up a note, and the throttle response quickens. Rain, ice, snow curbs power delivery in harsh weather conditions for greater control.

So far so good. Now we start to experience the benefits of the Jaguar engineered AWD (All Wheel Drive) system. What can I say at this point except the system is pure brilliance. Driving in ‘normal’ conditions – is there such a thing driving Jaguar? – the AWD builds on the exhilarating characteristics of Rear Wheel Drive by distributing torque to the rear to deliver true Jaguar agility. Whilst in challenging environments such as snow, torque is balanced between front and rear to maximise traction. And then there is Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD), working with torque vectoring and electronic active differential, which constantly varies torque distribution between axles by co-ordinating responses from the engine, gearbox and traction/stability control systems. This optimises the use of your F-Type’s power, allowing you to corner later and accelerate sooner. And all this happens with lightning speeds: 165 milliseconds (100 milliseconds in motion) for RWD to AWD for example. That’s appropriately quick.

We can go even further with Configurable Dynamics, enabling us to implement specific tweaks to personalise characteristics such as throttle sensitivity, gearbox shift points, steering weighting and damper stiffness. A perfect excuse to spend the weekend, perhaps on track, getting things ‘just right’.

Had enough yet? Well Jaguar, the Special Vehicle Operations division to be precise, has taken the F-Type to the next level with the SVR. This car is simply the fastest, most powerful series production car Jaguar ever built, the ultimate expression of Jaguar’s AWD technology. The 575PS V8 erupts through the titanium and Inconel exhaust which is 16kg lighter than standard, and don’t get me started on the acoustics. The SVR is a lighter, faster, all-weather supercar with visceral performance. 

There we have it, the athletic F-Type oozing technology to redefine what it means to travel from A to B. Car and driver in unison, adjusting to every effect of the road ahead. While straight line performance is superb, the bends and curves make for a compelling drive, and this is reflected by the smooth, streamlined contours of the car’s own silhouette.

Maybe there is such a thing as a straight line, but where is the fun in that? 

Discover more about the Jaguar F-Type experience for yourself with Harwoods Basingstoke, Brighton, Chichester, Crawley and Croydon.

Jaguar F-Type – prepare for goosebumps.

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