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We've adapted to Covid-19

This has been a challenging and life-changing time for all of us. Each of us have needed to change how we do things, how we live our lives, how we interact with each other. This can be very difficult, and when it comes to purchasing or looking after your vehicle we understand you may have questions.

With many things different to before, one thing hasn't changed - you and us.

A family company since 1931, Harwoods has always looked after our customers and employees first, and we are not about to change now. We want you to feel comfortable visiting to our beautiful showrooms, excited to see our cars, and continue to rely on our after sales services. We want you to feel happy interacting with our team, enjoying the experience with the usual conversation, not just about cars. And of course we want to help keep you motoring with our expert servicing and after sales.

So where do we go from here?

In accordance with government guidelines, we are pleased to be able to reopen our inspiring showrooms for you from Monday 1st June. We have adapted all facilities to be Covid-19 safe + protected, some of which has been summarised below. You will notice a few things within the showrooms have changed, to keep us all safe and protected, so please take a moment to read what to expect, and do contact us if you have any concerns. Whatever it is, whatever you need, we will endeavour to make it happen for you.

..with a wave, instead of the usual handshake.

Whilst we are used to the traditional handshake as a respectful welcome, we all need to greet each other with a contactless wave. So from now on, it's hands in the air and a smile.

   The same meaning, a different way.

..with sanitising & safety systems in place.

In order to fulfil car servicing requirements, new procedures are now in place which provide protection for you and our team, from booking through to completion.

These new 'rules' include how you book your vehicle in with us, arrival with no waiting, how your car will now be sanitised by Harwoods, how loan vehicles are made safe for you, and how collection or delivery on completion will take place. Everything will be explained when you book your appointment as usual.

  The same great service, a different way.

..with social distancing maintained.

We all understand how important social distancing is for our protection, and so you can be reassured that this will continue in our showroom and servicing facilities. The same rules apply: to keep a minimum of 2 metres apart.

To achieve this you will notice we have moved some things around, and marked on the floor to indicate where people should walk, and stop, to ensure distancing rules are followed by all.

  Enjoying our showrooms, a different way.

..behind safety screens where needed.

It's nothing personal, we simply need to protect some of our team who have close contact with customers where it may not be possible to fully maintain social distancing. Just like in the supermarket.

Behind the screen is the same friendly team member ready to help you.

  Interacting with our team, a different way.

..working in regularly sanitised offices, workshops and showrooms.

We believe in doing everything possible to protect our team members, which includes a new sanitising system in all areas of our facilities.

So every tool in the workshops, every surface in the kitchens, every touch point in the rest rooms, and every corner of our showrooms and offices are subject to additional cleaning using dedicated staff working to set procedures.

This is why our staff, and you, can be confident in safely working and visiting Harwoods facilities.


  Ensuring the safety of everyone, a different way.

..we can now collect and deliver your car.

You may have particular reasons why you are unable to visit Harwoods, and so we can now eliminate this issue for you by collecting and returning your vehicle.

You can be reassured that your car will be sanitised on collection, prepared for work, and sanitised again for its return. Keys are cleaned and bagged for you.

When you call to book an appointment, a member of our team will explain the procedure and cost, so you will know exactly what to expect.


  Receiving your vehicle, a different way.

..unaccompanied for your safety.

Yes, you can still take that intriguing new car out for a test drive with us. Except it won't actually be with us, instead you can drive by yourself in a specially prepared and sanitised car. 

Simply talk to our sales team - they will instruct you on how Harwoods unaccompanied test drives work, and the terms & conditions.


  Test your new car, a different way.

..adapted for the safety and protection of everyone.

We finish where we started, to reassure you that it is not you or Harwoods that has changed, it is how we do things.

We are the same family company with the same values aimed at creating memorable experiences no matter what the service or product is we are providing for you.

We understand that this is a more difficult time for some than others; some things may be confusing or not fully understood. So please do call us should you need further assistance.


  The same Harwoods, a different way.

See our safety guides

These guides have been created to show you the methodical safety processes we have in place to keep you safe.

Watch our safety video

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We have prepared a risk assessment. You can read it here

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