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Prestige car acquisition with Harwoods Group

Avoid the hassle of private selling


We understand the complexities, and put frankly, the hassle of selling a prestige car privately, which is why we decided to make this easier for customers just like you. Countless numbers of Aston Martin, Bentley and McLaren owners place their trust in Harwoods to enable them to get where they want to be. We simplify the process, and eradicate your wasted time, by managing the sale or trade‐in of your car.

Prestige car owners benefit from partnering with Harwoods:






Owners trust Harwoods to provide fast, honest, and realistic appraisals, enabling them to focus instead on the next step of their ownership plan. Owners feel reassured with access to 90 years of Harwoods car buying experience, ensuring the best achievable result personal to their situation. Owners benefit from Harwoods vast network of buyers ‐ it really is the case of who you know ‐ and Harwoods have developed the right connections ready for you.


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The Process

The direct route to where you want to be

We have streamlined the process for selling your prestige car with Harwoods. It appears satisfyingly simple because we have designed it to be just that, with the detailed work completed by our dedicated team in the background for you.

In just a few clicks, you can obtain a valuation appraisal, approve, and receive payment.





Provide your vehicle details using our online tool or speak to our buying specialist

Assess and approve your appraisal

We arrange collection and payment

Every situation is different

With 90 years of experience, we understand that every situation is different; every Harwoods customer is valued as an individual with their own personal circumstances. We take pride in providing a memorable, personal experience every time we connect and so, if you feel you would like some expert guidance on your prestige car acquisition:

Talk to Nav, our buying specialist


Nav is the Harwoods Group prestige car buying specialist, with vast experience in achieving the best result with your Aston Martin, Bentley or McLaren acquisition. We highly recommend you connect with Nav for personal assistance:


Contact Nav:

07936 365125