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AdBlue® solution is stored in a separate reservoir in your vehicle and, as you drive, small amounts are injected into the exhaust system, breaking down harmful gases like Nitrogen oxide emissions and turning them into water vapour and nitrogen gas without affecting the performance or safety of your Volvo.


Usually a litre of AdBlue® lasts around 1,000 miles, so for most drivers a refill will be needed roughly once a year. Your Volvo’s message centre will give you an advance warning when your AdBlue® level is low to give you ample time to organise a refill. You’ll be given plenty of warning before the system reaches zero, but please be aware that if you ignore these warnings and the countdown reaches 0 miles, your Volvo will not restart after you switch off the engine. Please pay careful attention to these warnings and do not let the level reach its minimum point, as if you do we cannot guarantee a quick refill of the system, due to the need for your car to be plugged into SDD, Volvo’s vehicle diagnostics system.


You may also like to pick up a 1.89 litre non-drip AdBlue® top-up bottle from your local Harwoods Volvo dealership. The Volvo sales or service teams will be happy to show you the location of your Volvo’s AdBlue® reservoir and how to fill it up.

The recommended AdBlue® specification for your vehicle is ISO 22241-1. It is of vital importance that you use the correct Volvo approved AdBlue® when topping up your Volvo’s system, as versions of this fluid offered at petrol stations and other retailers can often be harmful to your vehicle and could nullify your warranty if damage does occur.


  • Only use Volvo AdBlue® refills
  • Commercial vehicle AdBlue® pumps at fuel stations may damage your Volvo's reservoir or cause spillage.
  • Your Volvo message centre will inform you when your AdBlue levels are low. Don’t leave it until empty as your vehicle will not then start until you refill.


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